Best Bowie Knife in the world on the market for sale of 2017

Best Bowie Knife 2017

Bowie knife is widely used as self-defence knives; Hunters use it for skinning and butchering and few use it while trekking to cut down the bushes alongside. Today we will compare and review the best Bowie knife to purchase.


Top 6 Best Bowie Knife in the world

Puma 116396 Bowie

Puma 116396 Bowie Fixed Blade Knife, Plain Stag review

Puma 116396 Bowie is Fixed hollow ground blade knife with full tang. This knife is exclusively handmade by skilled craftsman. Tang makes you feel the metal standing proud of the scales. It gives a great grip while handling. Total length of this knife is about 10.75 inch wherein the blade length is 6 – 6.5 inches. The finger guard stands about 1/8 inch high on the back of the blade. Puma bowie comes with a heavy duty leather sheath with the tie down.

Knife blade is made up of German stainless steel which is custom proofed for 57 -60 rockwell hardness. Puma bowie 116396 is best for your hunting and camping use. It gets allocated over the belt through its cord very well. Cover leather sheath gives it a perfect and makes it comfortable while placing the knife inside.

Ka-Bar heavy bowie knife

Ka-Bar Heavy Bowie Knife review

This is a heavy and lengthy Ka-Bar bowie knife. It’s widely used by all branches of military and defence personals. It works very well for outdoor activities and collectors. Ka-Bar heavy bowie knife is good in quality, strong and durable with an overall length of 14 inches and blade length of 9 inches. Blade used in this knives are 20 degree edged angles and designed in clip shaped. Tang attached to the blade is fixed and it is highly durable and made with heavy plastic. It provides a tight grip while in handle and easy to use while chopping and batoning. Blades are full flat grind made up of 1085 carbon steel.

Extra-thick blade makes this knife almost as rugged as pry bars. The Large Heavy Bowie will perform well at chopping, digging, cutting, and in other tough applications. It's the best bowie knife for the money.

Ka-Bar Becker BK9

Ka-Bar Becker BK9 Combat Bowie Fixed Blade Knife review

Ka-Bar Becker BK9 is a fixed blade, full tang combat knife with a blade length of 9 inch and overall length of 14 – 3/4 inches. BK9 is made in USA and weighs about 1.05 pounds. Blade is designed at an edge angle of 20 degrees pointed out in a clip shape. It’s a flat grind blade made of 1095 Cro-Van steel and the handle used is of Grivory material. Becker BK9 knives are tough enough to chop woods, Batoning firewoods, and other outdoor activities; it maintains its edge for finer cutting. Truly handy for camping chores and home landscaping when an pocket knife is not enough and using an axe is too much. It is one of the best large bowie knives for sale.

Cold Steel San Mai Trail Master Kraton Handle

Cold Steel San Mai Trail Master Kraton Handle review

Cold steel is known for its goal of making the sharpest, strongest knifes in the world. It’s known for its innovation and quality in the market, including introduction of checked kraton handles and tanto point blades.

Cold Steel San Mai Trail Master Kraton Handle comes with a blade length of 9.5 inches and an overall length of 14.5 inch. It’s a full tang, fixed blade made of SK5 high carbon steel and referred as SK5 knife usually. It has a broad clip point which is extremely resistant in bending and breaking while in use. Kraton handle of 5 inch in length is used at the end of the knife which helps in strong grip and control over knife. Trailmaster knifes are widely used for chopping, slashing, hunting, skinning and camping purpose. These knives requires low maintenance and have a nice resistance towards, heat, cold and salt exposures and also can withstand jungle environments.

Cold Steel San Mai Laredo Bowie Black Linen Micarta

 Roll over image to zoom in Cold Steel San Mai Laredo Bowie Black Linen Micarta Handle  review

Cold Steel San Mai Laredo Bowie is best in class and quality when compared to other knives listed above. San Mai comes with half tang of hardness steel rod which is threaded at one end into the tang and the other end into the brass at the base of the handle. These knives comes with a 5 3/16 inch long polished black linen Micarta handle providing stronger grip and resisting slippery. Laredo bowie is the best among all the other bowies in all terms of usage.

It comes with a flat grind and heavy blade made up from Vaccum heat treated VG1 San Mai III material. Laredo Bowies have blade thickness about 5/16 inches, clip shaped end, terminated dagger sharp point and makes it a best tool for cutting, chopping and slicing. This is a high quality bowie knife.

SOG creed fixed blade knife

SOG SOG99211 Creed Fixed Blade Knife review

SOG creed knife comes with a straight edge fixed 7.5 inch AUS – 8 steel blade and satin finish, Kraton handle for easy workability. It’s a full tang heavy metal knife with an overall length of 12.13 inches, blade thickness of 0.24 inches and weighs around 12.8 ounce, made in Taiwan and readily available in US. This knife maximizes the cutting edge in hunting and extreme wilderness situations. Full tang, fixed blade of 7.5 inch forming a clip point shape which make it quick while used chopping, hunting and piercing. SOG blades can be sharpened easily and makes it easy to work on any tasks. Kraton made synthetic rubber material on handle used is well balanced and makes it comfortable to fit in your hand, provides no slip grip with resistance towards increase in heat, cold and chemical. It comes with a black leather sheath which helps in carrying your Creed knife anytime with you.

What to look while purchasing a Bowie knife

Before you buy a Bowie knife, ascertain the material used length of the knife, blade size and tang. Earlier knives were made by carbon steels, now we have stainless steels alloy which are strong and rust free.

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Blade size: Based on your use of Bowie knife, select a large or small blade. Larger blades are powerful than smaller ones and are used for clearing brush and weeds or chopping pieces of wood, camping and other outdoor activities like fishing and hunting.

Bowie knife blade lengths are not shorter than 5 inch. The first standard size was 9.5 inch in lengths. Length of these knives is longer than pocket knives.

Tang is the connecting shank that connects blade with the handle. Tangs should be of full length for easy grip in hand as the Bowie knifes are heavier in hand. A full tang can prevent the knife from breaking when in use.

Here are the top Bowie knives on the market for sale. One can choose considering the features to be used. A traditional Bowie knife is traditional in style, appearance and features.

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