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Finding The Butterfly Knife Trainer Online: All You Need To Know

In trained hands, they flip and rotate like a well-oiled mechanism. They can be deadly, yet they look so beautiful. There is something amazing in the process of flipping a butterfly knife, which only an enthusiast can understand. Today we’re looking for the best butterfly knife trainer on the market.

As a beginner, you might not separate a good training butterfly knife from a bad one. Simply, there’s more in butterfly knives than just the looks; we’re talking about details, especially when you’re seeking to buy one.

As a beginner, the smartest thing that you can do is to get a quality butterfly knife trainer. You can avoid some painful cuts with this move.

For the guys like you, who are fascinated by the beauty and exceptionalism of butterfly knives, we have a message: we’re here for you, and we’re all in this together!

To help you get the best butterfly knife trainer for yourself, we tested dozens of blades, performed tests and compared them all, just for you to be able to use the knowledge.

Here’s what we found.


Best Butterfly Knife Trainers 2017


OPL C34 white

The OPL C34 is a perfect option for both beginners and pro that are looking to settle for something reasonable. With unsharpened, dull blades (dedicated fortraining purposes), this knife is 100% legal in the United States.

You can maneuver almost all flips and tricks using this tool; it is a perfect practicing option before moving towards the real Balisong knife. It can be closely compared to the Black Tonton knife (Japan.) It weighs only 185g (6oz.), which makes it perfect for thosepracticing flipping tricks. Do not forget to tape your hands for extra safety.​

OPL C34 Premium Balisong Butterfly Knife Trainer

Let’s go through the most important features that OPL C34 comprises of:

  • Rust free metal design
  • 304 high-quality stainless steel
  • ​Blunt Blade size: 4.5 inches (9 cm)
  • ​Full knife size: 22.5 cm
  • Pre-oiled to ensure smooth flipping
  • Locktite technology providing ultimate safety

Thing We Liked

  • Light in weight: This knife is extremely lightweight and makes it apt for those who love to practice flip training maneuver
  • Durable and high-quality: It proves solid enough due to the high-quality make and finish of the product, especially for the beginners
  • User-friendly and safe: Balisong trainer knife comes with blades that aren’t sharp; therefore, injury gets out of the question and it is completely safe for the starters
  • Price

Thing We Did't Like

  • The pins attaching the knife and the blade aren’t portable or replaceable; therefore, the cleaning gets hard in this knife. The other Balisong models have pins that are replaceable.
  • The OPL C34 Balisong knife trainer latch is loose and non-replaceable; hence, it keeps flopping around causing minor inconvenience

Moon Boat Butterfly Knife Trainer

Butterfly Knife Trainer Practice Comb No Offensive Blade Black,by Moon Boat review

Out of the box, it may look a little stiff, but after a while of flipping and playing with it, the impression was – you get what you paid for, and you get one of the best balisong trainers for beginners for a more than reasonable price.

The build quality of this balisong trainer knife is good, and it’s all steel. It’s got some decent weight to it and, most importantly, it is well balanced. It has a dull-edged black finished blade with weight reducing cut-outs. So it’s not sharp and cannot be sharpened because of its design.

The handles feature pin and channel construction which look thick, but the skeletonized design reduces the weight. So, it’s not too much heavy, and most importantly, it feels comfortable in the hand. Also, it includes a strong tail latch for holding the knife open or securely locking it closed.

However, it also has a minor sticking problem that required some amount of force to open the blade, and the handles are a bit loose. After flipping for a while, you might get a squeaking sound on hinges.

Bottom line: anyone who wants a reliable, cheap balisong trainer to practice and play around with but doesn’t want to slice their fingers accidentally, this model will serve you just fine.

Thing We Liked

  • Respectable price-quality ratio
  • Right amount of weight
  • Sturdy

Thing We Did't Like

  • It might squeak on hinges
  • Some might dislike the thickness of the handles
  • Lock not always easy to release from the start

Butterfly Knife Trainning Practice Comb Unsharpened Blade black,By Moon Boat
651 Reviews
Butterfly Knife Trainning Practice Comb Unsharpened Blade black,By Moon Boat
  • Solid pin channel construction.Anti-impact
  • Approximately 8.75" Overall Open, Approximately 5" Closed
  • The handles feature a skeletonized design to reduce weight.
  • No offensive blade
  • Brand new, safe, from a smoke-free environment and high quality.

CS:Go butterfly knife

Arctic Fish Butterfly Knife Trainer

This model is an excellent replica of the butterfly knife, and it is meant for practicing your skills. The material is solid and has good weight.

It’s 9.5 inches long and has a steel curved handle. This type of handle makes this knife unique on the market. It also gives an ergonomic feel.

At first, we thought that this shape of a knife wouldn’t allow us to do certain tricks while flipping, but we were wrong. With practice, you can do the same things as with knives with straight handle. The screws hold the handles to the blade.

The blade is 4 inches long, made of 440c stainless steel, and it is dull. The only sharp spot on the blade is area at the very bottom.

This knife is painted and powder coated. This can be a problem if you are dropping the knife frequently because you will see scratches, dings, and nicks more quickly in places where the color knocks away. It is high-quality butterfly knife trainer, in the price class under $50, and it provides excellent value for money.

Thing We Liked

  • Great balance
  • Good paint
  • Comes in many style options

Thing We Did't Like

  • Screws can come loose
  • Sharp area on the blade might still hurt you

Arctic Fish Butterfly Knife Trainer (Red)
36 Reviews
Arctic Fish Butterfly Knife Trainer (Red)
  • This Butterfly Knife Trainer has a great weight to 0.55lb and feel in hand.
  • It was also designed a unique curved handle which gives an ergonomic feel.
  • Made from 440c stainless steel,sturdy heavy and durable
  • This Butterfly Knife Trainer is without sharp blade just for practice and with holes so that it can't be sharpened.
  • Please buy from Arctic Fish to get the good quality one. Others is much lighter and made from different material.

Bear & Son Cutlery 114TR

 Click to open expanded view Bear & Son Cutlery 114TR  review

This Bear & Son training butterfly knife has an accurate weight which makes it a perfect solution for practicing new tricks or learning to use a butterfly knife. The length of this model is 9 inches, handle length is 5 inches and blade is 4 inches long.

This size makes the trick practice very comfortable and convenient. The blade is thick, dull and stable with a nice smooth action design. You cannot get cut, only bruised.

There are three holes down the edge for weight reduction. The handles are made from aluminum and come in gray color with skeleton texture. Slotted cutouts reduce the weight too while giving it an attractive design. This trainer butterfly knife flips excellently and feels smoothly in hands.

This knife comes pre-lubricated so it’s ready to use right out of the box.

The main problem of this trainer knife model is the latch; it might get stuck in the handles during the flipping of this balisong trainer; it occurs in some models, and shoppers usually find the solution by putting rubber bands on it or removing the latch completely. It doesn’t happen often, though.

Thing We Liked

  • Built
  • Durability
  • Length
  • Good for practicing advanced moves

Thing We Did't Like

  • The lock opens too quickly
  • The safe handle compresses and make almost impossible for the lock to fit into
  • The handles are slippery
  • Texture paint is chipping off

Bear & Son Cutlery 114TR Vein Butterfly Trainer Knife, 5', Silver
63 Reviews
Bear & Son Cutlery 114TR Vein Butterfly Trainer Knife, 5", Silver
  • 100 percent quality materials used in bear cutlery
  • Made in the USA with high grade process
  • Useful in recreational, hunting, outdoor environments

Benchmade 62T

Benchmade 62T BaliSong review

Benchmade introduces the safe, and stylish 62T Trainer made for you to practice flipping, aerials, twirls, and all other fancy moves without fear of damaging the blade or slicing your fingers.

The 62T model features a red Cerakoted 440C unsharpened blade paired with skeletonized handles, sporting machined stainless steel. It also features Zen pins and the classic T-latch lock to secure the knife. So, is it a perfect butterfly trainer knife to use for practicing or not?

Being a balisong trainer, it is not well balanced which is one of the most important factors in any type of melee weapons, among other things like materials, durability, etc. The blade is just too light in comparison to handles which are too heavy and that may affect the execution of certain moves and getting used to.

However, having said that, the qualities of this butterfly trainer knife prevail in the overall score.

Overall, blade and handle materials are crucial when considering a balisong butterfly knife trainer, and in this segment, Benchmade did a great job, and you get what you paid for.

Slight disbalance of the weight between the handles and the blade isn’t suitable for a complete beginner, but when you get used to it, you can make amazing tricks better than with other models.

Besides the disbalance, the price might be the biggest problem that a beginner might encounter – this high-quality butterfly knife trainer is very expensive.

Thing We Liked

  • Nice and solid
  • Excellent quality
  • Requires little maintenance

Thing We Did't Like

  • Weight and length
  • Poor balance
  • The latch is annoying
  • Price

Benchmade - Bali-Song 62 Trainer, Red Finish
18 Reviews
Benchmade - Bali-Song 62 Trainer, Red Finish
  • MECHANISM: Bali-Song with T-latch
  • BLADE STYLE: 4.25" Trainer blade
  • BLADE STEEL: D2 tool steel (60-62HRC)
  • HANDLE: Hand finished, machined stainless steel
  • SHEATH: Black nylon

Comparison & Recommendation

We’ve inspected and reviewed several balisong knife trainers that are best suited for beginners for you. You’ve seen that all five models we examined have their qualities and flaws.

Still, the question remains, which balisong knife trainer to get?

By examining the details and specs of each balisong trainer, we can narrow down the choice to the final two contestants. We’ve considered all pros & cons, and all possible variables that might impact your decision.

Next, there is “everyone has their unique needs” rule and the budget involved. You do want to have the best balisong butterfly knife, and you might not want to spend a lot on a trainer.

On the other hand, the risk of being hurt by the sharp blade is a factor. Here are our two leading contenders for the best butterfly knife trainer for 2017:


Even it might seem big and bulky from the first glance, C34 is sturdy, and functions great. In our opinion, those are the best features that a beginner should look for in a balisong knife trainer.

Its big size might seem daunting, but it will become one of your best companions over time. And, it won’t break or malfunction after several droppings (which will happen).

With this balisong trainer, you’ll have a keeper that can last forever (if maintained well). The value for the money and its quality are incredible.

Weight: 6.2 ounces

Blade Length: 3.74"

Handle Length: 5.11"

Handle Materials: metal

Moon Boat Butterfly Knife Trainer

The second contestant for the best butterfly knife trainer is a piece from Moon Boat. This balisong trainer is made from steel and built with quality in mind.

The design is standard, and the size is somewhat large, but you’re expected to have an item this large if you’re to practice balisong knife tricks.

This product is made exactly for that, and as a beginner, you’ll have a fantastic trainer to get skilled.

Weight: 6.1 ounces

Blade Length: 3.75"

Handle Length: 5 "

Handle Materials: metal

Editor's Choice


For the quality, durability, and value for the money it brings, DRAGON Deluxe balisong knife is the best choice for a beginner to use. Considering its pros and cons, the specs, and user reviews from the community, this balisong trainer is just unmatched.

Compared to the other products on our list, the durability of this model (which is the most important feature for a beginner) is in another class.

Purchasing this one is a no-brainer. Using it will be a pleasure, and you’ll progress in learning the easiest with this model.

Let your balisong trainer fly

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Balisong knives are fun, exceptional, and unique. When you decide to have one, it will change your life. Having the best butterfly knife trainer is a safety measure that revolutionized the product, and brought its popularity to a new level.

With a proper balisong trainer, you can show off in front of your friends, and stay safe from injury at the same time.

Which model do you own? Which model would you pick from our list?

Let us know in the comments below!

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