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Best Combat Knife 2017

A best combat knife is a knife that is designed for hand to hand or close combat fighting and is generally used in the military. These fighting knives have in recent times been redesigned for utility uses such as clearing foliage or chopping branches or even opening ammunition crates.

The redesigned knives have been recently referred to as fighting utility knives but they were originally intended for hand to hand combat in the military. These combat knives have been in use for a long time with the modern combat knives tracing their origin to the World War 1. Since then the custom technical knives have been used in a number of military operations and although they may differ in design and style, they are generally the same in quality and the role that they play in the military across the world.


Outside the military, combat knives are generally used for self defense and can be of great help for anyone seeking to cover themselves in case a situation goes awry. There are a lot of different kinds of technical knives to choose from should you want to buy one. The different kinds include the TAC Force Close Knife that will also come in different designs and sizes. Other kind of technical knives include the Gerber Combat knives which come in a number of types that are classified based on the material used to make them as well as the design and the number of ways that you can use them. There are also the ranger combat knives, Mantis Combat knives which again come in a number of different designs and styles.

The terms combat, tactical and fighting seem distinct, but in reality, they are interchangeable. Combat and fighting knives are the exact same thing; they just have two different words to describe them. A tactical knife, however, is slightly dissimilar from a combat/fighting knife. A combat/fighting knife is used purely for attacking or defending. A tactical knife is also used in close combat situations, but it has other uses as well.

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Things to look for before buying a best  combat knife

There are a number of things to look for when buying a technical knife or a combat knife. These factors include the design of the knife which usually dictates what the knife will be used for and how useful they can be to you in that particular situation.

You also want to be aware of the purpose you want to use the knife for as this will greatly affect the design and particular kind of knife you buy. You will essentially buy a different knife if you plan on using it as a weapon as opposed to one that you will use as a utility tool or an emergency rescue tool. The size of the custom technical knife that you buy will also be important when buying the knife as the size will directly be affected by the purpose that you use for the knife.

Other things to look out for when looking to buy the best combat knives include the materials that are used in the manufacture of the blade as well as the handle as this will ultimately dictate whether the combat knife will be durable or not. Blades on the combat knives are generally made of stainless steel and the materials used to make the handle can vary from plastic to titanium. Ensure that you purchase durable tactical knives that will serve their intended purpose.

Reviews of top 12 Best Combat Knife

KA-BAR Full Size US Marine Corps Fighting

For the majority of people who use fighting or combat knives the KA-BAR Full Size US Marine Corps Fighting Knife is the most famous blade knife design in the world. It is made of 1095 Cro-van steel and has a leather handle with a 7” Straight Edge Blade. The blade is made in USA and the leather sheath made in Mexico. The KA-BAR Marine Corps originated in World War 2 when troops created the knife to help them with hand on hand combat fighting. The knife has an additional feature; it is embedded with an official stamp from the US Marine Corps which is why it is particularly more famous than the other combat knives.

KA-BAR Full Size US Marine Corps Fighting Knife review

The knife is also not very heavy as it weighs only .70 pounds making it ideal to carry and conceal. The length of the knife is about 11inches further enhancing its capability to be concealed without a lot of difficulty. It is also quite exquisitely designed and the entire knife except for the stainless steel blade is made of pure genuine leather. Because of the intricate design of the best fighting Knife requires quite a bit of work to be produced.

The making of the knife requires the work of a number of craftsmen and a lot of time just to complete one knife and the intricate process of making the KA-BAR Marine Corps takes place in three stages with the first step including heating after which the almost completed knives are cooled in a freezer of about 120 Fahrenheit before being subjected to some more hating in the third step where they are put in an oven for up to seven hours a process that strengthens the knife. These knives also generally undergo extensive test before they are shipped to the buyer.

The knife is perfect for anyone looking to use for any purpose but most especially for self defense. The materials used to make the knife will ensure that the knife will serve you for quite a long time. You can use the KA-BAR Marine Corps for a number of purposes including opening boxes or cutting things and they are especially useful on those fishing expeditions you may like to take. The knife is also quite affordable.

Cold Steel 27TLT Recon I Tanto Point

The Cold Steel 27TLT Recon I is a tactical knife that is setting a standard as the knife to beat. The knife is tough and can cut pretty much anything. This combat tactical knife is available in a number of sizes; 3, 4 and 51/2 inch blades and they are perhaps the first combat tactical knives that are designed to be strong durable and as effective as they can be.

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The blade is made from seriously strong material, imported Japanese AUS stainless steel and the handled reinforce the strength a little bit further by having G-10 laminate scales that also work very well to make the blade easy to grip and hence easy to use.

Designed to be strong, the Cold Steel 27TLT Recon I has a lot of functions that it can perform apart from it being good tactical knife for hand on hand combat. It can be used to cut just about anything thanks to its strength which makes it the perfect knife for all your needs regardless of what you are cutting.

The knife also remains quite sharp even after a long time of use and can be used for anything form opening crates to prying open doors with incredible efficiency due to the strength of the blade and the easy grip handle. The combat tactical knife has a rugged and indestructible feel with its stainless steel blade that is coated with black Teflon for added durability.

The Cold Steel 27TLT Recon I Tanto Point is however huge when opened up completely and when compared to other tactical blades although this shouldn’t be a problem as there is some functionality that actually requires a bigger blade such as this one.

Cold steel recon and S&W border guard

The handle is equipped with a revolutionary Tri Ad lock that will not fail and can hold a lot of weight on it. The combat tactical knife also comes with a small but very strong pocket clip that is designed to keep the knife in place. The knife is good for just about any purpose. It has a plain edge type but can be as sharp as a chainsaw and cut just as well as one.

A lot of blade manufactures will concentrate on the design of the blade more than anything else but for the Cold Steel 27TLT Recon I Tanto Point the features that stands out most are its durability and strength as well as it functionality. The combat tactical knife almost beats out all the others when it comes to functionality as it can be used in just about any situation making it the knife to go for.

The blade originally from Taiwan is affordable for all its functionality and will work very well retaining its cutting edge and sharpness for a longer period of time than any other tactical knife out there. It is also quite durable, meaning that you get value for your money as it will last for longer and give you more service.

Zero Tolerance Tactical Response Knife

Zero Tolerance Tactical Response Knife are designed to be very attractive as well as extremely efficiently in most tactical situations. This knife was named the best tactical knife in the market by the Tactical response magazine after extensive tests to prove that the knife is not just pretty, but highly efficient and comes with some amazing recommendations.

The Zero Tolerance Tactical Response Knife is partially serrated and features a curved blade the will allow the blade to be used for a variety of functions thanks to the minimal mass and maximum performance that will come with any curved blade. The knife offers on point piercing and cutting thanks to the well balanced design that gives a user maximum grip and precise handling leverage.

best fighting knife reivew

The blade of this knife is made of stainless steel that was originally developed for industrial uses thus it is both strong and very durable. Further reinforcement is added to the blade by the .4cm thickness of the blade. For extra durability and also for resistance to corrosion the blade is coated with black Tungsten Diamond-Like Carbon coating which not only makes it look quite pretty but also protects the blade. There are 0200ST’s matte black scales on the handle of the Zero Tolerance Tactical Response Knife to provide extra and safer grip as well as provide a protected handle that can survive any adverse environments or situations.

Zero Tolerance Tactical Response Knife review

This knife despite being designed for tactical and military operations, the knife can come in handy in a number of situations and for a number of uses such as opening crates, to prying open doors and just regular cutting things. This is also quite light allowing for easy carrying and because of its small size it can be easily concealed.

This is available in a number of different styles and colors to choose from. The sheath of the blade is well made to both conceal the knife as well as allow for easy carrying and concealment. It is durable and efficient and will work well under any circumstance.

The blade made by Zero Tolerance is as beautifully designed as all their other brands and the exquisiteness in design is not just to make the blade pretty but is also very well made to enhance the functionality of the blade as well as its effectiveness.

This knife will work well for you and all your knife and cutting needs and will do well to aid you on your fishing and hunting activities. It is also very affordable and you will get value for your money thanks to its durability and efficiency will mean that the Zero Tolerance Tactical Response Knife will last a long time and hence serve your needs for a longer time and give you more value for money. The Zero Tolerance Tactical Response Knife is definitely worth the try.

Zero Tolerance ZT0160 Combat Knife

The Zero Tolerance brand of blades are known for their beauty and efficiency and the Zero Tolerance ZT0160 Combat Knife Fixed Blade is no different. These tactical blades are designed to work efficiently in all tactical situations and are also very beautifully designed.

Of all the Zero Tolerance knives, the Zero Tolerance ZT0160 is smaller and lighter yet it is built to be very tough and handle quite heavy work making it among the most efficient of the Zero Tolerance models despite its small size.

The knife has a high performance blade with Tungsten DLC non reflective coating. The blade can also withstand quite a bit of temperature changes thanks to its insulating qualities and the incredible G-10 grip.

The blade is just about 5 inches in length with the entire Zero Tolerance ZT0160 being about 10 inches long perfect size for concealment without it compromising on the quality. It is also very lightweight just about 8oz again perfect for carrying to just about anywhere without you feeling the weight of the knife.

Zero Tolerance ZT0160 Combat Knife Fixed Blade review

It has been recommended for combat uses although it is perfect for other utility uses as well. The G-10 scales make the Zero Tolerance ZT0160 Combat Knife Fixed Blade very comfortable to hold and the skull crusher pommel is pretty powerful despite it being very small in size and weight. The sheath of the blade is very well made and does well to keep the blade in place securely. The edge also works quite well as in all other Zero Tolerance Knives and they need not be sharpened for a long time to be effective in cutting just about anything.

The knife can be used for a number of things such as being used as a hunting knife and utility knife to the main purpose that it was designed for which is for use in military combat situations. The knife is highly efficient and capable and like all other Zero tolerance knives it works well and will last for quite a while thanks to the high quality materials used in the manufacture of the knife.

You are guaranteed an efficient knife with durability and quality that is unmatched as well as a beauty that will make you the envy of all your friends.

This knife is also easily concealed because of its small size meaning that you can carry it under any circumstance without it being visible to anyone. The knife comes in a variety of styles and is quite affordable if you consider that it will last quite a long time and give you efficient service for whatever it is that you will be using it for. This is unmatched both in quality and beauty as well as in efficiency and durability at a reasonable price.

Us navy seals combat knife

As the name suggests, the US navy seals combat knife is used by the navy and hence will have features that are very useful in tactical situations and fightings. The knife is without a doubt very well designed, both for efficiency as well as appeal.

The combat knife has a 61/2 inch stainless steel saw back blade that also has a black oxide finish for added appeal. The blade is quite strong for a knife of its size and is also inclusive of a saw back on the top edge of the blade thereby increasing the number of purposes that this official Government Issue knife can be used for. The blade is also quite thick for added strength and durability and this knife is one of the most efficient in the market in terms of being able to take as much pressure as possible without damage to the knife.


Made in the USA specifically for use in the military, the Us navy seals combat knife is one of the best combat knives and guarantees nothing but efficiency and class as well as some of the world’s best technology in knife design, Giving you a knife that will last for a while and at the same time provide you with a number of practical uses for the knife. The handle on this knife is just as strong as the blade and has a blunt butt edge to give a wonderful, depending on how you look at it, hammer effect. The reinforced handle makes it easier to handle the knife in whatever situation but also protects the knife’s blade form damage that is most likely to not happen anyway a fact that has made the US navy seals combat knife a must have for all hunting enthusiasts as well as those who love to collect combat knives.

If you are already thinking that the knife with all of these features would be huge and cumbersome, think again. All of the amazing features in the US navy seals combat knife fit into a compact 10 7/8 inches that is easy enough to carry thanks to a number of additional features. The combat knife comes with a Cordura and plastic sheath to protect the knife edge from losing its sharpness. Added on to that are a bet clip and leg strap that come in handy for efficient concealment and carrying a factor that is super important in any combat knife and that the US navy seals combat knife takes very seriously.

This is a best combat knife that is not only well designed, easy to carry and effective in any situation but also one that is used by the Navy. So without a doubt, it will make it worth your while to try out this one of a kind combat knife. It is available in a number of stores online and is quite affordable, so it should give you quite the value for money if you decide to get it and it is bound to convert you into a combat knife enthusiast if you weren’t already one.

Boker Trench Knife

The Boker Trench Knife is a knife that was designed in 1943 for use by US soldiers in World War 2. The soldiers, who were tasked with using this knife, are those who were not equipped with a bayonet, pistols, machine guns or submachine guns. Therefore the knife is the ultimate combat knife and is designed to help in a survival situation that could mean life or death. Some of the first troops to use the Boker Trench Knife were the Mountain ranger, Gilder Infantry and the Airborne Units.

The knife was wildly produced in the World War 2 period and is still in production today. In fact for the knife’s 65th anniversary, the company that makes the knife, H. Boker & Co., released a limited edition version of the Boker Trench Knife that was engraved with a serial number. The limited edition knife was the ultimate collector’s item for those who were able to get their hands on it.

Boker 121918 Reproduction Trench Knife review

The blade on the Boker Trench Knife is made of c-75 carbon steel and is exactly the same as the original knife that was used in the war. The blade is about 5 inches long which makes the knife at about 11 inches in overall length of the knife. The knife is also not very heavy at 5.9 OZ and although it may not be the lightest in the market, it is ideal for anyone to carry. In terms of ease in carrying, the Boker Trench Knife also comes with a .leather sheath meant to protect the blade. The leather sheath has additional features such as a metal tub instead of the overdone press button or Velcro, a feature that reinforces the knife’s uniqueness and top notch quality. This is one of the most functional and strongest fixed blade knives in the market.

The blade can be used for a number of purposes such as cutting just about anything to bringing it with you on your next hunting trip. The balance of the grip on the handle of the Boker Trench Knife is impressive and a very important feature if you consider that the knife was used in combat where mostly the soldiers were negotiating life and death situations with the aid of just one knife.

The knife is famous for its ability to make very fast cuts and the rosewood of the handle allows for a solid grip and a protection to both the blade and you as the user. Handling the Boker Trench Knife is quite comfortable to most people as the guard is large enough to be very useful as compared to other blades in the market.

It can also be used a punch dagger and not just to cut as a user can grip it in such a way that it can be used to punch and the Boker Trench Knife is also very comfortably balanced in this hold as well. This knife was designed to be a true weapon and it doesn’t disappoint.

Aitor Jungle King I Fixed Knife

Aitor Jungle King I Fixed Knife, a very well designed knife is one of the most famous knives in the world. It first made its appearance in the 80’s and sprung to world fame thanks to the Rambo films starring Sylvester Stallone. The Rambo movies were the main reason responsible for the increased production of the Aitor Jungle King I Black knives. The knives became a huge part of popular culture and there was increased demand for the production of the knives a fact that has stayed true to date and is bound to stay that way for quite some time to come.

Aitor Jungle King I Fixed Knife, Black review

This is a fixed blade knife that consists of a stainless steel blade that is enriched with vanadium and molybdenum as well as an infusion of chrome making it one of the hardest blades available in the market with a blade hardness of about 56-57 HRc.

It is quite different from a lot of the other knives in the market because it has a mixed cutting edge as opposed to other tactical knives that either straight or serrated edged. This has both in a dynamic and design efficient manner that has made the fixed blade knife quite popular among people. It has a smooth part of the blade that will extend into a serrated saw that will come in very handy in a number of tactical and survival situations adding to the benefits of this knife, efficiency in very many situations.

The handle of this knife is made of stainless steel reinforced with nickel and chrome for increased durability and will also include materials such as peralumal or polyamide and is a very strong handle that will ensure the knife gives you service for quite a while. The handle is also designed to be hollow so that it can be easy to carry and has a number of other features that make it the fixed blade knife of choice for risky situations such as hand to hand combat.

The knife has been used in a number of a combat missions by the armed forces of certain countries and is mostly included as part of the military basic equipment. Other versions of the knife have been released since the first one. The knife is useful and quite stylish a factor that has made them quite popular among tactical knife collectors and many fans of weapons.

The Aitor Jungle King I Fixed Knife is not only durable but is quite functional and effective in tactical situations. It may also be one of the most famous knives in the world thanks to the Rambo movies. This knife is a must have for all those who have a love affair for tactical knives and other combat knives in general. The knife will fit all of your knife needs whether they are just for cutting things or on your fishing and hunting expeditions or if you just want to collect them.

Surefire Edge Folding Combat Utility Knife

This is one of those knives that make you want to purchase a best combat knife even if you have never had previous desire to purchase one before. The Edge folding combat knife is well designed and the manufacturers had beauty in mind when they came up with the design of this knife. But don’t let the beauty and appeal of the knife fool you into thinking that the knife is not functional or practical. The knife is tough and durable a fact that is obvious from the basic design of the knife. The Surefire Edge Folding Combat Utility Knife is well balanced in design hence providing the best handling capacity which is a factor in all combat and tactical knives.

The edge is tough and practical and this knife will come in hand y in any situation that you may want to use it for. It is amongt one of the best combat knives when it comes to handling and practicability. One of the most outstanding features of the Surefire Edge Folding Combat Utility Knife is the modified spear-point blade that is made from stainless steel for added strength and durability. The Edge Folding Combat Knife is famous for the simple fact that it has a holding edge. The handle is also very strong and durable to further reinforce the strength of the blade.

Surefire Edge Folding Combat Utility Knife review

The handle is made of aluminum frame that serves as a holder for the handle that is further reinforced by the integrated titanium layer that is the feature that will hold the blade when it is open.

This knife is also very lightweight to aid in easy carrying as well as concealment. There is also a pocket clip that holds the knife in place securely and also included is an integral finger guard on the blade that serves as a lever to flip -open the clip. The knife is highly efficient and always ready to be used in any situation. This is one of the best combat utility knives to ever hit the market and it is also one of the most well constructed knives in the industry. It is perfect for just about any situation thanks to its strength and practicability. You can be sure that when you buy this knife, you will be getting value for your money as it will last for quite a long time to come.

The blade is also quite larger than the other knives a feature that makes it quite the multi-purpose knife as it can be used for a number of purposes. The Surefire Edge Folding Combat Utility Knife is the best combat/fighting knife for any need that you may have since it is lightweight and easy to carry as well as being durable enough to take a lot of pressure without any damage inflicted on the knife. it is worth the price that most stores will put on it and it is definitely worth your time.

Mantis Knife “Chaos”

There are many instances where a person may need a knife like this even if they are not in law enforcement or need them for self-defense. Sports enthusiasts and campers alike have purchased these knives because they are exactly what are called for. For instance, the blade is sharp enough to cut parachute cord as well as to whittle kindling for a fire. This means that not only can this knife be used as a tactical knife, but also as a utility knife which means that one could call it a utility knife as well.

With so many uses there is no wonder why this knife is not only selling in record numbers this year, but also that it is receiving glowing reviews from many satisfied customers who have taken the initiative and went online to purchase one of these tactical masterpieces. They are appropriately sized and can fit in a pocket, backpack, or purse. No longer are knives just for rough men out in rural situations.

 Click to open expanded view Mantis Knife "Chaos" Tactical Folding Knife review

Instead, there are a growing number of women who are appreciating the look and value of finely crafted knives, such as the kind that Mantis produces. These women also understand that having a high quality knife could mean the difference between life and death out in the real world and that is why more and more of them are purchasing these knives in order to fend off would be attackers and to finally give piece of mind and security to those that may, otherwise, not be able to afford the luxury of having a finely crafted piece of martial art at their disposal on a daily basis.

Anyone in the market for a combat tactical knife may have many choices available to them, but there are many factors that need to be taken into consideration before making the final purchase. Some people actually think that the top combat knives have to be the most expensive. This couldn’t be further from the truth. Many combat ready knives are quite expensive, but price does not always dictate quality. For example, the Mantis knife “Chaos” offers everything that other brands that claim to be the best tactical folding knife offer, but at a fraction of the cost.

That means that instead of spending hundreds of dollars on a knife that may, or may not, withstand the rough life that is usually associated with a tactical knife one can purchase a top quality Mantis knife for far less than the other brands that are out there and they don’t have to worry about sacrificing quality for value. In these uncertain economic times it is good to know that there is a brand of knife that is out on the market today that won’t break the bank in order to give its owner quality and aesthetics. Not only are these knives beautiful, but they are also very functional.

Buck Knives 0095BKSTP TOPS/Buck CSAR-T Tactical Folding Knife

The Buck Tops/CSAR-T Knife is a double edged weapon and that is putting it lightly. This knife’s blade is made of carbon steel which is a lot better in terms of durability than all the other stainless steel knives but it will corrode easily if not accompanied with a special protective coating which the Buck Tops/CSAR-T Knife obviously has. But even with this protective finish the knife will still need proper maintenance to keep it working at optimum levels as moisture will definitely damage the blade. The knife is designed and manufactured by two companies Buck Knives and TOPS Knives and is without a doubt very well designed and constructed.

Buck Knives 0095BKSTP TOPS/Buck CSAR-T Tactical Folding Knife review

The Buck Tops/CSAR-T Knife is a heavy duty folding knife that has a stainless-steel blade that measures 3.8 inches in length and 0.175 inches in thickness. It is as we mentioned protected with a corrosive free Zirblast finish that also happens to be heat treated to achieve a Hardness of 56-61, making it one of the strongest folding knife blade in the market. The blade is also quite sharp and the Buck Tops/CSAR-T Knife has been known to retain this sharp edge no matter how many times it is used which is a plus as it is mostly used as a survival knife.

The handle of this knife is no pushover either as it is a rugged Mountain Tread G10 handle that gives the knife an overall length of about 8.2 inches and an 8.6 ounce weight which is a little on the heavy side for a folding knife but the fact that it can be used in a number of sticky situations and effectively as such, the weight is something that can be overlooked. The knife can be used for a number of purposes such as cutting limbs from trees to make shelter or to get some firewood from a tree; again the perfect knife for a survival drill or hunting trip.

The Knife is also one of those folding knives that would also work very well in a combat situation and is impressive as a strike weapon even when the blade is closed. A heavy stainless steel ring on the bottom will make it perfect as a blunt instrument or weapon that can inflict quite some damage on an opponent. Thus the knife is perfect for survival situations as well as combat situations where your life is threatened. There is nothing better than a multi-purpose knife for all your daily knife needs.

The design of the Buck Tops/CSAR-T Knife may seem a little bit unconventional but all the features that make it very functional also make it a very good knife to have and the fact that it is durable will mean that you get value for your money should you decide that you want to invest in this masterpiece. It is affordable and very accessible. You owe it to yourself to at least give the Buck Tops/CSAR-T Knife a test drive and see what it can do.

Cold Steel Peace Keeper I in San Mai III Knives

The Cold Steel Peace Keeper I in San Mai III Knives are arguably the most durable and efficient knives in the industry. The blade is made in exquisite style and in the format used to make the traditional Japanese swords and daggers which are made by the lamination of three blades to form one, the Cold Steel Peace Keeper I in San Mai III Knives guarantees strength, durability and efficiency much more than any other blade.

San Mai means three layers and so all the Cold Steel peace keeper knives are made with three layers on the blades that create a reinforced design to beat all other in the market. The Peace Keeper knives are beautifully designed and they come in a number of colors and models to choose from, they are also very reasonably priced for their quality.

Cold Steel Peace Keeper I in San Mai III Knives review

The Cold Steel Peace Keeper I Knives come in a number of different models that include the Cold steel Tanto Series, the Tai Pan series, the Grukha Kukri Series, the Pendleton series, the Trailmaster bowies, the Recon Tanto and very many others that are all very exquisitely designed to provide a person seeking a beautiful and exquisitely designed combat knife that is also very efficient a number of models to choose from. These models are all unique in their own way but the one thing that will not change among all the Cold Steel Peace Keeper I in San Mai III Knives is the trademark three layered blade that make the different models that much more durable and efficient.

The blade is made from different kinds of steel laminated together to form one blade that is hard and very durable as well as quite shiny. The three layers comprise of a hard outer layer made of stainless steel and higher carbon steel for the middle that will make the edge both keen and very long lasting.

The final layer is made of lower carbon steel to help the blade withstand impact and further reinforce the strength of the blade. The result is a highly effective blade that will be quite useful both for had to hand combat in the military as well as for regular everyday uses that you can use the Peace Keeper knives for. The price range for all the models of the Cold Steel Peace Keeper I in San Mai III Knives are quite affordable and if you consider that the brand is made to be durable, you can expect that you will get quite the value for your money for whatever model you choose.

Unlike other knives that are mostly designed to be beautiful. The knife is designed for efficiency and durability which means that it is very reliable in whatever situation whether military or otherwise. The fact they come in a number of choices in models you are guaranteed to find one that will best suit your preferences and particular needs as well as one that is efficient.

Boker 11KAL47B Kalashnikov Folder Pocket Knife

This is a tactical pocket knife that is made from black iodized aluminum for the handle and stainless steel for the blade. The blade has a spectacular mirror finish and the latest single blade tactical knife includes a special anniversary logo but the anniversary ones are limited to just 199 pieces worldwide.

Boker Kalashnikov Anniversary Single Blade Tactical Pocket Knife review

The single blade tactical knife is however completely unsuitable to carry as a pocket knife as it is exquisitely designed to be to pretty for normal every day uses such as opening crates and cutting things. The expectation that the anniversary blade would be exquisitely made since it is made by the same manufacturer of the Automat Kalashnikov 47 assault rifle was met when the blade first hit the market with its exquisite design and completely specialized design.

As a company that has been producing the knives for a while it was expected that the Boker 11KAL47B Kalashnikov Folder Pocket Knife was going to be a master piece in the world of pocket knives. The knife can be used for various purposes such as cutting stuff and most especially on those fishing or hunting trips. It is very practical despite the fact that the knife is mostly a collector’s item or at least that is how it is expected to be received in the market by many pocket knife lovers. It has worked very well compared to other tactical pocket knives and is both beautiful and tactical and is also a status symbol among those who happen to love tactical knives.

Like the previous editions of the knife, this is bound to become quite popular among knife users worldwide most especially because it shares a number of the characteristics that have made this brand of single blade technical knife. The knife fits well in the hand and has a well made feel that has made it quite popular among a lot of people. Apart from this one of a kind limited release blade, the company has a variety of other releases that are just as exquisitely designed as well as practical.

The tactical pocket knife despite being quite the status symbol and quite practical is equally valuable and may be a collector’s item that will pave the way for other tactical knife manufacturers to come up with their own one of a kind tactical knives that will be good enough to be collectible.

Despite the many practicability and exquisite designs the knife is quite affordable and has been well received by the many that have been lucky enough to get their hands on it. It is however a limited edition collectible item that may not be available for too long, so if you want to get your hands on it there is no better time than the present when it is available. If you lose the chance to get it now, you may have to wait quite a while for another one like that.

Dark Operations Fighting Knives

The dark Operations Fighting knives are unarguably the finest technical knives in history. They are made from a hybrid alloy that comprises Chromium, Cobalt, and Tungsten, Vanadium and Molybdenum reinforced with surgical grade stainless steel. The combination of these fine metals make the dark operations fighting knives both a strengthened blade and a handle ability that is unrivaled by all the other technical knives in the market.

The design is complex as well as exquisite to allow the knife to have a hardening that allows for medical grade edge while allowing it to be less brittle than the other high Rockwell hardness associated with other tactical knives.

Dark Operations Fighting Knives review

Because servicemen are mostly encountered by difficult and often deadly but they rarely need tactical knives except perhaps for hand to hand combats or when they run out of ammo. For a soldier or marine who is involved in a dangerous situation running out of ammo can be a very dangerous thing indeed and a tactical knife such as the combat fixed blade knife will come in very handy due to its spectacular qualities that will allow the soldier to use it to protect themselves. The dark operations Fighting knives are considered by many experts in the military world as the most effective combat weapons in history and their durability mean that they also last very long thank to their exquisite design and the materials used to make the knives.

They are designed for efficiency and durability and with their brutally rugged design; they guarantee effective performance even in the gravest of situations and conditions. The Combat Fixed Blade with sheath is very simple in the design without a lot of complicated locking mechanisms that are associated with other intricately designed combat knives. This simplicity makes it very handy indeed when it comes to ease of operation and since a soldier doesn’t want to be stuck trying to work their way around some intricate locking mechanism that may lead them to lose precious time, a lot of people will opt for this knife as it would come in very handy in a life or death situation.

The blade on a dark operations fighting knife is nearly double in thickness as compared to other combat knives in the market to further enhance the efficiency of the knife and also the strength of the knife. Built for efficiency, the knife is simple and strong and comes highly recommended by the military as arguably the finest most efficient combat blade in the market. For its price, you can expect that it will serve any purpose for as long as you want it to because of the durability that results from the materials used in its manufacture. Apart from the many uses that the dark operations Fighting blade is used for in the military, it can also come in handy for you when you want to go fishing or on that hunting trip as it is very durable and efficient. This is the best combat knife on the world.

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