Finding The Best Global Knife For Your Kitchen

Finding The Best Global Knife For Your Kitchen

Global chef knife is a range of kitchen knives manufactured by the company named “Global Knives”. Komin Yamada started Global Knives in 1985 and always used revolutionary materials and the latest manufacturing techniques. This unique style of knives has brought a revolutionary change in every modern kitchen.

This category of knives is perfect and suitable tool for the chef for his professional kitchen needs where he requires the perfection in chopping and dicing jobs. It gives the super fine quality in chopping, cutting and slicing.

These knives are made up of best quality stainless steel with the sharpest, hardened and longer blades. These blades are made using molybdenum or vanadium quality stainless steel material. Global chef knife is absolutely sharp and very light weight, which is extremely easy to handle and can be used for longer hours in the kitchen.

The best part of this knife is that your hands would not slip even if they are wet as the grip on the handle is really good and balanced and one can work very comfortably using this knife.

If you are having an ultra-modern kitchen, then this is the best place to have these knives as these knives really compliment and enhances the sophistication of your kitchen.

Global G-663738 – Master Chef 3 Piece Knife Set

Global G-663738 -Global Knife Set, 3 PieceGlobal- 3 piece knife set is a special edition series which is manufactured by Yoshikin in Niigata, Japan. The set of knives includes G-66 7 in/18 cm oriental fluted cooks knife, GS-37 51/4 in/13 cm Santoku fluted knife and GS-38 3 ½ in/9 cm paring knife.

Ultra-modern and latest manufacturing techniques and revolutionary materials are used in manufacturing Global Knives. These knives are made with the finest quality of high carbon stainless steel with the usage of 18 percent of cromova and chromium (MO & VA).

These materials ensure the highest degree of sharpness with superior edge retention. Its sharp edges provide the finest quality of slicing and chopping of food items. These knives are very light weight which are very easy to handle in the kitchen.

This three knives set is a complete combination of useful tools in cutting, chopping and slicing which amazingly creates an excitement in cooking. This product should not be ignored by any professional or a home maker to make their kitchen work more convenient and interesting.

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Global G-58 6 Inch Chefs Knife

Global G-58 6 Inch Chefs KnifeGlobal G-58 6 Inch Chefs Knife is made up of CROMOVA 18 stainless steel. This knife is Very light weight and balanced and the 6 inch blade cuts and chops the vegetables very easily and safely.

The handle of this knife is made up of stainless steel and it is designed in a very special, moulded and dimpled way for an elegant look and safe grip. The edge of the knife retains razor like sharpness very well which is one of the best features of this category of knives.

This knife should be washed by hand only with non-acidic dish washing soap and dishwasher is not at all safe for it. Also it should be dried properly before storing. This knife makes your life in the kitchen more convenient and comfortable.

Global GSF-49 - 4 1/2 inch, 11cm Utility KnifeGlobal GSF-49 – 4 1/2 inch, 11cm Utility Knife

Global 4-1/2 inch utility knife is purely meant for serious home cooking. It is all purpose cromova stainless steel knife.

Its blades are very thin and razor sharp, which are perfect for slicing of foods and vegetables and preserving the integrity of the food.

Global uses very special shape for its knives that is ground to a straight point rather than the western style of bevelling the edge. Due to face ground with long taper, the edge of the knife remains very sharp for longer time.

The stainless steel handle of this knife is specially build in a moulded way to provide perfect comfort and dimpled shape gives a complete grip on the handle to avoid the slip and risk.

This special quality of the knife makes it more popular in home makers for their comfortable kitchen work.

One of the most unique feature of this knife is that it consists of a hollow handle filled with right quantity of sand to give a perfect balance and perfection in cutting and slicing the food items.

Global G-5838 – 2 Piece Knife Set

Global G-5838 - 2 Piece Knife SetGlobal G-5838 set of knives consist of two knives i.e. 6” chef’s knife and 3.5” paring knife. These knives have very fine quality of thin blades for the precision slicing and these blades are made of high-tech cromova stainless steel material which prevents them from the rusting. They feature moulding and dimpled handles and it makes them perfect to use with proper grip and avoid the slippery surface. These knives are really good and beautiful and are real accessory for a perfect kitchen. The paring knife is basically a freebie. These knives are designed in Japanese style and has very beautiful and elegant look which are also outstandingly perfect in their performance since they are extraordinarily sharp and very light weight and easily manageable. Superb quality material is used to manufacture these knife and they last very long.


Global 5 Piece Starter Knife Block Set

Global 5 Piece Starter Knife Block Set - MetroKitchen ExclusiveGlobal 5 piece starter knife block set includes all the varieties of basic knives required in our kitchen. This is a collection of global Japanese kitchen knives having a very narrow edge for extreme sharpness. The very attractive 11 slot knife block is like an opportunity to expand the collection of knives. The global 5 piece set includes 5 inch western style paring knife, 5 inch utility knife, 8 inch chef’s knife, 8 3/4 inch slicing knife, 11 slot steel knife block made in Nigata, Japan. These knives are made of stainless steel material and comes with a life-time guarantee from the company but it should be used normally with some super care. This Japanese set of knives are available in unique style with the handle made up of stainless steel and they have a very strong grip in order to avoid slipping during its usage. All professional chefs prefer this set of knives in their kitchen. The 56-58 Rockwell hardness rating and the narrow angled edge for extreme sharpness of this set of knives make it more popular and famous.

Global chef knife should not be ignored by any professional chef due to their extraordinary sharpness and effectiveness. These are the most efficient Japanese knives which are actually meant for convenience and perfection in cutting and chopping work. Hence global chef knife should be part of every modern kitchen.

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