Top 5 High Carbon Steel Kitchen Knives

Top 5 High Carbon Steel Kitchen Knives

Carbon steel knives are also famously called as “rough use knives”. Carbon steel is more durable, stronger and tougher, which can be sharpened more easily than the stainless steel knives. Carbon steel has less carbon but is more homogenous than stainless steel and it is the main element in the alloy. It has harder inclusions which makes it edge more durable and sharper.

At the same time, carbon steel knives rust and turn black more easily than stainless steel knives. So these knives needs to be taken care of and stored properly in unlike stainless steel knives. Avoid cutting food stuff with acidic content with these knives. Still they cut very well and their performance is really appreciable when compared to other top notch brands. These knives are totally different from ordinary knives and offer you uniqueness which you would love to have in your kitchen.

Rada Cutlery S38 The Starter Knife Gift Set

Rada Cutlery S38 The Starter Knife Gift SetRada Cutlery S38 The Starter Knife Gift Set is manufactured in USA. This set of cutlery is made using high carbon stainless steel having a surgical quality blades. The blades of this knives are hollow ground for maximum edge retention and for razor sharp edge they are hand sharpened.

They must be hand washed only for retaining the sharpness of the blade for longer time. Also these knives should be wiped off immediately with a cloth after using them which would prevent the discolouration of the brushed aluminium handle.

This super set of cutlery includes Rada cutlery S387-piece starter set, regular paring, vegetable peeler, tomato slicer, super parer, 6 inch bread slicer, cook’s knife and slicer. These knives provide very comfortable cutting experience to all the enthusiastic users for their special cooking needs. The special hollow blades provide super razor edges which helps in cutting the food very easily.

Hence this Rada cutlery starter 7 piece carbon steel knives set product is one of the best cutlery set designed for the convenience of the chefs and kitchen users.

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Victorinox Forged 2-Piece Knife Starter Set

Victorinox Forged 2-Piece Knife Starter SetVictorinox forged 2 piece knife starter set is designed to add some perfection and professionalism to your cooking. The blades of this set of knives are forged in Germany.

These knives are specially manufactured for the chefs who value presentation as well as flavour. So this is an ideal knife set for you if you are a chef or thinking to become one. This classy set includes a 3-1/2 inch parer knife for precision cuttings and a 7 inch Granton edge Santoku knife for mining, slicing, dicing, and paper thin slicing too.

These knives got their name through the way in which the blades are forged from a very high carbon stainless steel as high carbon steel provides maximum sharpness and edge retention.

Initially they get forged in Germany and the finishing touch is given in Switzerland where they are ice-tempered to retain sharpness for a longer period even after re-sharpening.

These knives are very stable and balanced as they feature a single-piece full tang construction. They are also very durable and ergonomically designed, which provides optimum weight, balance and comfort level.

One of the distinguished feature of this knife is that the plastic handle is moulded on the blade itself and it does not crack or separate from the blade easily. These elegant and forged product has an extensive range of open-stock pieces as well as handy all-purpose knife sets. These carbon steel knives should be hand washed as dishwasher is not recommended and they come with lifetime warranty.

Wusthof Culinary 2-Piece Starter Set

Wusthof Culinar 2-Piece Starter SetWusthof culinary starter set includes two knives. One is an 8-inch cook’s knife and the other one is 3-1/2 inch paring knife. These knives are crafted and made in Solingen, Germany.

This set of two cutlery piece comes in a very beautiful gift box too and it can become a perfect gift idea if you are thinking of gifting someone.

The blade of these knives have a full tang which is forged from a single piece of high carbon stainless steel. The blade of this knife is laser tested to have extreme sharpness and correct cutting angle has been maintained to give you a perfect cutting experience.

These knives are perfectly suitable for chopping, slicing and dicing jobs. They should be hand washed as dishwashing is not recommended for this knife sets. These knives also comes with a limited lifetime warranty. The Wusthof culinary brush stainless handle of this knife is designed in a way so that it is comfortable and helps you cut in a controlled way.

Wusthof is dedicatedly focussed on the production of forged knives which are meant especially for professional chefs and their cooking needs. World’s best material is used to make the blade of this knife and also the blade is precisely tempered which allows the knife to hold its edge for a long time.

Chicago Cutlery Insignia2 3-Piece Knife Set

Chicago Cutlery Insignia2 3-Piece Knife SetChicago cutlery knife set is a high carbon steel cutlery specially manufactured for enhancing professional performances of the chefs. This product is manufactured in Chicago, USA.

The blades of these knives are forged with black polymer handles. These knives are made using exclusive taper grind edge technology which provides maximum sharpness for precise cutting and could be easily re-sharpened. Due to high carbon stainless steel, these blades are very strong, hard, stainless, rust free and pitting resistance. The distinct feature of this knives is that a full metal tang extends from the tip of the blade to the end of the knife forming part of the handle, which provides additional strength, balance, control and safety to the chefs or its users.

This knife set is long lasting and is very easy to maintain. The full tang polymer handles of these knives are non-porous and durable. These carbon steel knives come with full life time guarantee and are perfect for the daily chef or someone who enjoys cooking in the kitchen.

Ginsu 4889 Bakelite 5-Piece Prep Set, Black

Ginsu 04889 Essential Series 5-Piece Prep Set, BlackGinsu 4889 Bakelite cutlery set consists of high quality and commercial grade carbon stainless blades. The stainless handles of these knives are very strong and built for the extreme strength and for commercial and professional users. These knives has a dimension of 3.2 x 11.2 x 8 inches.

They come with special, unique double edge blades for precision cutting to give a perfect professional output. These serrated blade knives do not need any sharpening for their strength and durability.

One very special feature of this cutlery is that they are suitable for both the right and left handed users due to their twin serrated edges. The special blades of these Ginsu Bakelite prep set knives are crafted from long-lasting, high carbon, stain-resistant Japanese stainless steel. They come with a limited lifetime warranty.

This carbon steel knives cutlery set also contains a hardwood storage block, which helps in keeping the knives very organized, safe and ready to use all the time.

This set includes 3-1/2 inch paring knife, 4-1/2 inch utility knife, 5 inch Santoku knife, 6 inch chef’s knife and hardwood storage block.

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The carbon steel knives are perfect cutlery set for the both the professional chefs and normal kitchen users as they help very efficiently in cutting and slicing of the food items. These are very comfortable, balanced and strong knives with a strong grip which gives comfort in handling them for all kind of cutting needs. So if you are looking to enjoy some comfortable cooking then you should certainly try this product.

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