Cold Steel SRK Review | Cold Steel Survival Rescue Knife Review

Cold Steel SRK Kraton Handle Review

Versatility is the hallmark of the Cold Steel SRK Kraton Handle Knife. SRK stands for Survival Rescue Knife, and this blade offers the features, functionality and design necessary to adapt to any situation. With a length of more than 10 inches, you’ll find that this large knife gets you out of any situation you might find yourself in – and its ability to withstand even extreme abuse means that it will be around for years to come.

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Cold Steel SRK Kraton HandleCold Steel SRK Kraton Handle Knife
Length, Overall10.75 inches (10 3/4")
Length, Blade6 inches
Steel TypeJapanese Aus 8A Stainless
Rockwell Hardness61-62
Tang TypeFull Tang
Grind typeFlat Saber grind
Blade Thickness.19 inches (3/16")
Point TypeClip Point
Blade CoatingBlack Tuff-Ex™ Finish
Handle Material4 3/4" Long Kray-Ex™
Handle Attachmentintegrated/molded
Sheath MaterialSecure-Ex® Sheath
Country of ManufactureChina
Lanyard HoleYes


This is a superior product for the money. The steel used is top shelf, and the performance matches or exceeds similarly sized knives in its class. Compare this to a A1 Kraton Handle Plain Zytel Sheath which clocks in somewhere between $200 and $250, and you can see the appeal of the SRK.


The reason it’s so affordable is because it’s made in China, so you’ll have to weigh whether this is a major concern for you or not. That being said, Cold Steel sets the standards of production and steel doesn’t care where it’s heat treated and assembled. Also, the rubbery handle isn’t for everybody, but it is super grippy and functional.

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Cold Steel SRK Features

Cold Steel Survival Rescue Knife, SRK REVIEWThe Cold Steel SRK measures a full 10.75 inches, with 6 inches of that length being given to the blade. The remaining 4.75 inches form the handle. It’s also very light weight, coming in at just 8.2 ounces without the sheath. That makes it an ideal solution for those who demand a powerful cutting tool that won’t weigh them down when it matters.

The blade is manufactured from Japanese AUS 8A stainless steel with a black Tuff-Ex™ finish to protect it. This is one of the hardest steels out there, and it provides ample durability, as well as holding its edge for a long time. The protectant finish helps prevent scratches to the blade, but also provides an additional layer of rust and corrosion resistance, making this one of the lowest maintenance knives on the market.

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The blade is .75 of an inch thick. That’s a stout blade, and ensures maximum power delivery in all situations. It also features a clip point, which is able to do fine work, but strong enough for brutal tasks without the danger of breaking the tip off. However, it’s not all about the tip – there’s plenty of blade for efficient cutting through most materials, and it works very well as a skinning knife too. The blade’s spine is smooth, and applying thumb pressure is easy.

The Cold Steel SRK features a handle made from Kray-EX™, and offers a knurled texture to ensure a firm grip even in slippery conditions. A pronounced finger guard keeps your index finger firmly planted on the handle, and prevents it from sliding forward onto the blade during use.  The included sheath fits the knife well, and offers further protection from the elements when the blade is not in use. It’s a Secure-EX™ design, and features plenty of durability in the field. The blade is also secured within the sheath thanks to the trade-marked design of the sheath.

What Is the Cold Steel SRK Kraton Handle Good For?

The Cold Steel SRK was not designed for any single purpose. It’s a versatile blade equally at home skinning a kill or trimming stakes. With a thick blade, excellent tip and a fantastic edge, it’s an ideal tool for almost any purpose. This blade was also designed to hold up under extreme conditions and abuse. It was manufactured as a search and rescue tool. Search and rescue personnel have to be prepared to handle any situation without any notice, and that’s exactly what the SRK provides. It’s a robust, long-lasting knife that can that works equally well as a bushcraft knife, camp knife, survival knife or military knife.

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Cold Steel

Cold Steel is an American knife maker with locations in several US states, although the company remains headquartered in Ventura, California. Founded in 1980, the company might seem like a relative newcomer to the knife-making scene, but Cold Steel is actually responsible for a number of innovations and breakthroughs. The company’s Kraton® handles are top of the line, and also helped make tanto blades a standard throughout the industry. New blade steel options have also been rolled out by Cold Steel, including the company’s San Mai III®.

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