Ka-Bar Becker BK16 Short Drop Point Review

Ka-Bar Becker BK16 Short Drop Point Review

Let me show you the secrets that no one tell you in Ka-Bar Becker BK16 review!

The Ka-Bar Becker Knife with Drop Point – BK16 is a great knife to have when outdoors. It is ergonomic, has a full tang, boasts of strong edge retention, modestly-sized, and has a ridged thumb serration perfect for control during carving and other camping, hiking or bushcrafting activities. The one-piece solid design of this model fits the user’s palm perfectly, allowing for a comfortable hold. For easier use, it comes with a high-quality Condura sheath that can beclipped on the belt or worn on it.


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  • Summary
  • Specifications
  • The knife is made of 4.5” Carbon Steel Blade;
  • The blade runs a total length of 4-3/8”;
  • The knife’s overall length is at 9 1/4";
  • The grind is flat;
  • It comes with a Condura Sheath;
  • It also comes with an extra set of handle;
  • The knife weighs6.4 oz;
  • The knife is manufactured in the USA;

Things I Like

Made of High Quality Carbon Steel. Super heavy-duty and can withstand harsh outdoor activities. The user will not think twice about choosing it as the lone tool in a survival activity in the wild, because it definitely does its job well.

Comfortable Grip, Easy to Handle. This knife is the best ergonomic bushcrafting knife in the market today. The contours of the handle conform well to the palm of the user, making it easier to grasp especially during prolonged outdoor and tactical activities.

Comes with Extras. The knife comes with an extra handle that is almost identical with the default handle except for the color. The Condura sheath on the other hand is a heavy duty protective casing that makes the knife easier to lug around. The sheath is light weight and comes with extra pockets for additional storage.

Things I Disn't Like

Black Epoxy Coating. Users also complain about the black epoxy coating of the carbon-steel blade. They say this provides unnecessary traction during cutting and batoning activities.

Does not come Razor-Sharp. If the user is particular about using the knife right away, then he may get disappointed to find out that the Ka-Bar Becker Knife with Drop Point does not come razor-sharp right out of the packaging.


Most Interesting Feature of BK16

The Ka-Bar BK16, is a no-frills type of knife that could withstand heavy-duty use, and can perform outdoor and bushcrafting tasks with ease. The carbon-steel knife with black epoxy coating may look basic and simple, but it also boasts the ergonomic handle that paves way for easier use, and better knife manipulation. And since it is easy to handle, outdoor activities are easily carried out. It is very reliable as it can multi-task, and could even be the one tool that you will find quintessential for survival in the wild.

It can help in wood gathering, tool making, hunting and food preparation, and even in defending oneself, from a tactical point of view. It is heavy-duty and can stand harsh batoning – in fact it also has a ridged thumb serration for better control during cutting activities.

Other Feature

Made of High Carbon Steel

The knife is made of high carbon steel, specifically the 1095 Cro-vanwhich comes with a vanadium and chromium components. It is heavy-duty, performs well, and can stand batoning activities. It however should be regularly oiled to prevent corrosion. It may also need sharpening from time to time.

Drop-Point Knife

This knife makes it a perfect companion in outdoor activities such as hunting, camping, and hiking. Survival and tactical use though do not come in second, as this bushcrafting knife can withstand heavy-duty activities like cutting, batoning, tactical defence, and even food preparation.

Has a Flat Ground

To maintain strong edge retention, this knife is flat ground. This becomes a great feature especially for prolonged outdoor use.

Ergonomically-designed handle

This Ka-bar model fits the user’s grip perfectly, that he or she will not have a problem handling it in whatever position. The handle may be made of Zytel, which is a plastic scale, but this does not affect the comfort-level, rather secure the grip that the knife’s handle provides. It promotes a natural grip that conforms to the activity the knife is being used for – cutting, feather-stick making, food preparation, and even tactical exercises.

A great bonus is that it comes with an extra set of handles, in a different colour. Default handle color is black, while the extra handle comes in tan.

Comes with a Condura Sheath​

The knife comes with a Condura Sheath that secures the knife perfectly. You can eitherbe wear it on the belt or clip it around the belt. , This helps the wearer to skip removing the belt, when removing the sheath. The sheath is of high quality, and alike the knife, it appears to be of heavy duty and weather resistant. It comes with an extra pocket to store extra survival supplies like a fuse or a sharpening stone.

Other benefits

  • The BK16 is light weight. It is lighter than most knives in its class, making it easier for the owner to lug it around, when in the wild. This also delays fatigue during prolonged activities using the knife such as cutting, carving, and other tool-making skills.
  • It comes with an extra set of handle. Should the owner wish to change the default handle that came with his Ka-Bar Becker Knife with Drop Point, he can easily do so as the package comes with an extra handle in Tan. Both handles have a lanyard slot for easier use. The extra handle is made of Zytel as well.
  • Heavy-Duty. The BK16 could just be the bestbushcraft knife in the market based on its features, and price, it is delivered for. It is also multi-functional so the user gets more than what he pays for. It is an outdoor companion, a survival tool, and a sporting equipment all in one knife.
  • Comes with a Ridged Thumb Serration. The knife provides for better control during prolonged and rigid cutting activities by providing a Ridged Thumb Serration. This feature is very useful during chopping activities, as well as other bushcrafting tasks.

Who needs it most?

Those who love the great outdoors will find that the BK16 may just be the only tool necessary for all their outdoor activities. It is utilitarian, simple, lightweight, easy to carry, and more importantly does not require special care. The usual cleaning after use, and periodical oiling are the only maintenance activities that the owner needs to carry-out apart from sharpening the blade from time to time.


The BK16 is a heavy-duty multi-functional tool that appears to be a practical choice among the many knives of the same price level. It is the one tool that any outdoor enthusiast will need to help him survive the wild outdoors. Its carbon steel blade, and ergonomically designed handle, complement the functions well and make this knife one of the best bushcrafting knives there is. I hope that Ka-Bar Becker BK16 review will hope you choose your best knife.

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