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The Top 4 Cuisinart Knife Set Reviews That You Need To Know

When choosing the best knife set for your home, choose the one that offers superior comfort, sharpness, and durability. Stick to a brand name that has been trusted for years. One of these trusted brands is Cuisinart.

Cuisinart is an American home appliance brand that has been manufacturing kitchen accessories and small appliances since 1971. Cuisinart first gained its popularity when prominent cooks such as Julia Child, James Beard, and Craig Claiborne began using Cuisinart publicly.

Here is a list of the bestselling Cuisinart knife sets to help you choose a knife set for your own home.
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The 3 Best J.A.Henckels Knife Set 2017: Reviews And Ultimate Guide

A. Henckels is one of the oldest and largest manufacturers of kitchen knives, scissors, cookware, and flatware. The company is based in Solingen, Germany, and has been part of the Werhann Group since 1970. To provide you quality knives, J. A. Henckels produces several lines of kitchen cutlery.

They are manufactured in several different ways. We’ve narrowed down the knife sets to the top three of J.A. Henckels sets to make your selection easier. Continue reading

Best Steak Knives: Get The Best For Your Kitchen

Steaks are one of the most sumptuous meats in the world. But how can you eat your steak if you have a dull, poor quality steak knife? A steak knife is a sharp, table knife used to cut steak and other meat. Steak knives often features serrated blades and wooden handles. Here are some of the best steak knives that will give you a feeling of elegance while enjoying your steak.

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Miyabi Birchwood Chef’s Knife Review

If you love cooking, you’ll appreciate the difference between quality and the lack of it. The kitchen might be one of your favorite rooms in the house. If it is, you should want to fill it with as many high-quality instruments as possible. Especially when it comes to the instruments you aim to use constantly on a day to day basis. Continue reading

Review of Top 5 Old Hickory Kitchen Knives

The Old Hickory knives are older than 100 years. These knives are made by Ontario Knife Company in old USA. This company was founded in 1889.This company is also known as the supplier of military products. These knives are made of carbon steel with brass riveted hardwood handles, which are fully heat treated.

These knives are has the set of 1095 tool steel blades. These knives are made up of high carbon steel which should be taken care of properly otherwise they would rust if not cleaned and oiled properly after the use. Continue reading

5 Types of Kitchen Knives

Knives are indeed one of the most crucial part of any kitchen and especially over the past few years this item has become more technical and sophisticated. A variety of kitchen knives types are available in the market and in order to get the best knife you need to be very clear with your needs related to food cutting.

Since different cutting work is involved in a modern kitchen, accordingly a variety of knives are available in the market which can be used to perform a particular cutting task as per your requirement. Below you can find details of different types of kitchen knives. Continue reading

Top 5 High Carbon Steel Kitchen Knives

Carbon steel knives are also famously called as “rough use knives”. Carbon steel is more durable, stronger and tougher, which can be sharpened more easily than the stainless steel knives. Carbon steel has less carbon but is more homogenous than stainless steel and it is the main element in the alloy. It has harder inclusions which makes it edge more durable and sharper.

At the same time, carbon steel knives rust and turn black more easily than stainless steel knives. So these knives needs to be taken care of and stored properly in unlike stainless steel knives. Avoid cutting food stuff with acidic content with these knives. Still they cut very well and their performance is really appreciable when compared to other top notch brands. These knives are totally different from ordinary knives and offer you uniqueness which you would love to have in your kitchen. Continue reading

Best Steel for Kitchen Knives?

Knives are one of the most crucial items in your kitchen and hence it becomes even more important to have a knife with a blade made up of best steel for knives so that it can come with sharper and durable edges which require no or very little re-sharpening to be done.

Different materials have different properties and so does the usage of the knives var. In order to select the best knife suitable for fulfilling your needs, you first need to understand the importance and usability of each type of steel. Continue reading

Finding The Best Global Knife For Your Kitchen

Global chef knife is a range of kitchen knives manufactured by the company named “Global Knives”. Komin Yamada started Global Knives in 1985 and always used revolutionary materials and the latest manufacturing techniques. This unique style of knives has brought a revolutionary change in every modern kitchen.

This category of knives is perfect and suitable tool for the chef for his professional kitchen needs where he requires the perfection in chopping and dicing jobs. It gives the super fine quality in chopping, cutting and slicing.

These knives are made up of best quality stainless steel with the sharpest, hardened and longer blades. These blades are made using molybdenum or vanadium quality stainless steel material. Global chef knife is absolutely sharp and very light weight, which is extremely easy to handle and can be used for longer hours in the kitchen.

The best part of this knife is that your hands would not slip even if they are wet as the grip on the handle is really good and balanced and one can work very comfortably using this knife.

If you are having an ultra-modern kitchen, then this is the best place to have these knives as these knives really compliment and enhances the sophistication of your kitchen. Continue reading

Finding The Best Victorinox Kitchen Knife On The Market

Victorinox kitchen knives are an ultimate blend of performance and perfection. The blades are made up of a very strong and firm combination of carbon and stainless steel. This gives very sharp edges and helps it to retain it for a longer period of time. The blades are ice tempered to sustain sharpness for a longer period of time and give a desired shape to the blades when re sharpened.

These knives are made with a single metal sheet. This full tang construction adds on more strength to the knives. Apart from this the bolster less edges allows more of the area of the knife to be used for cutting. Triple rivets handle provide a strong hold of the handles over the metal body.

The handles are ergonomically designed to give you a balanced control over the knife while using it. These handles will not break nor will they ever crack giving you a lifelong usage. It is recommended to wash these knives with hands and dish washing is not advised. Also, these knives come with a lifetime warranty against any type of manufacturing defects. Continue reading