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How To Sharpen A Bread Knife Without Damaging It

Bread knives are very different to normal knives. If you notice your bread knife is no longer cutting as well as it once did, it will likely benefit from a good sharpening. Bread knives have a serrated edge that is unsuitable for whetstones and other tools used in the sharpening of straight edge blades. For this reason you must use the specific technique we outline below if you intend to sharpen your bread knife without damaging it.

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Best Bushcraft Knife Sharpener 2017

I just might be the world’s worst knife sharpener.

I know, I know — shocking, yet true. This is precisely why I am so frequently drawn to the best bushcraft knives. Generally, bushcraft knives have an innate ability to be re-honed and field sharpened because of their grind geometry. Couple that with high carbon steel that typically needs less frequency on the sharpening stone, and I’m instantly attracted.

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Best Electric Knife Sharpeners 2017

No matter how well made and high quality knife you are using, all knives lose their sharpness after a while, especially when they are used regularly. Depending upon your nature of use and the extent of use, the time period after which a knife becomes dull may vary but ultimately every knife does need some sharpening to get back its cutting edge.The question here is, what’s the most convenient and the quickest as well as the most effective way of getting back that sharpness which makes cutting fun?

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How to sharpen your knife with a rod

How to sharpen your knife with a Steel Sharpening Rod, Ceramic Sharpening Rod or Diamond Sharpening Rod

When a knife is dull, it is almost as good as useless. Sharp knives are a must in every household – be it in the kitchen or the utility drawer. Hence, along with knives, sharpening rods are a must have as well.

There are several types of sharpening rods that are available to both everyday knife users and enthusiasts like chefs, hunters, and survivalists. Most are affordable, others really special and command a higher price. The good news though is that with the right sharpening techniques, all these sharpening rods deliver their promise of making a knife razor sharp. Because in reality, the ability of a knife to maintain its sharp edge depends more on the quality of its blade than the quality of the sharpening rod used to sharpen them.

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What You Must Know About Serrated Knife – Serrated Knife Sharpener

How To Choose The Best Serrated Knife - Serrated Knife Sharpener 2016?

A serrated knife refers to a knife with a serrated blade which is a kind of blade used primarily in saws, as well as certain kinds of knives like the bread knife. Also known as dentated or toothed blades, they are most commonly used for cutting harder surfaces. Serrated blades have a cutting edge which has several small minute sharp points. Such an edge has lesser contact with the material that has to be cut and the force applied at every point of contact is comparatively greater and the points in contact are in a sharper angle with the material that has to be cut. This leads to a cutting action which involves several small splits on the surface of the materials being cut. This cumulatively serves in cutting the material in the line of the serrated blade.

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Untold Tricks on How To Sharpen Your Knife With a Stone

Are you tired of the stacks of dull useless knives in your kitchen? 

Please rest assured that your dullness is not a delusion but related to the blunt knife you use in the kitchen. The core idea on sharpening your knife is by economizing your blade throughout the process for a final razor-sharp finish.

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