Miyabi Birchwood Chef's Knife Review

Miyabi Birchwood Chef’s Knife Review

If you love cooking, you’ll appreciate the difference between quality and the lack of it. The kitchen might be one of your favorite rooms in the house. If it is, you should want to fill it with as many high-quality instruments as possible. Especially when it comes to the instruments you aim to use constantly on a day to day basis.

The workhorse of all cooking equipment is the trusty chefs knife. Here we review one of the finest affordable chef knives available on the market, the Miyabi Birchwood. It comes in various sizes from 8 – 10 inches or larger, but they are all the same essential design and like all Miyabi knives, deliver the same benefits, fine steel, durability and beautiful handling.

If you are on the lookout for a new blade, or believe your current chef knife could do with an upgrade, this entirety is certainly worth considering. Have a read through this informative introduction to see if its qualities meet your needs and preferences.  

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Miyabi Birchwood Chef's knife Review

What is The Miyabi Birchwood Range?

Miyabi is a world famous brand that constructs specialist culinary blades from their majestic base in Seki, Japan. The Japanese are famous for their historic ability to create the world’s finest katana swords. The story behind Miyabi and the quality of its blades, stems from this exotic national history.

The notion presented to us by Miyabi’s marketing efforts is that over recent centuries their exceptional craft for fine weaponry has been refined and adapted to deliver a product that is relevant for today’s modern society, the culinary blade. Many Japanese knife manufacturers have backgrounds that follow a similar theme.

Aside from its rich history, the Miyabi brand is well known throughout professional and consumer circles for its quality steel. The Birchwood range is a line of knives specifically designed to incorporate a Birchwood handle. As well as tradition, this particular wood offers superior aesthetics and handling benefits.

Pro’s  and Cons

Here is a quick breakdown of some of the key pros and cons of the Miyabi Birchwood range:


  • Fantastic steel quality which offers exceptional durability.
  • Impressive, well know brand.
  • Beautiful aesthetic.


  • Limited customization
  • Can be seen as an expensive option for amateur or infrequent users.  

Who Is This Knife Designed For?

  • It is perfect for home cooks that are looking to develop beyond introductory capability. This includes those that want a high-quality blade that functions very effectively and can prove useful for many years to come.
  • It could also suit student or beginner chefs that require adequately robust knives that are reasonably affordable when put in the context of long-term use.   
  • The chef’s knife in particular, is designed for precision. It is one of the most utilized type of knife in modern cooking.
  • It can be common for many cooks to decide to keep a chef’s knife that is superior in quality the other knives in their collection, simply due to the fact that is will likely be the most commonly used. Knives go blunt the more you use them. So the more you use a knife, the more advantageous it would be if it were a higher quality.

The Greatest Benefits Offered By a Miyabi Birchwood Chef’s Knife

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Miyabi Birchwood knives are considered a cut above the rest compared to the majority of their wider range. They are among elite class of the Miyabi collection. Here we go into more detail on each of the specific qualities that comes with the Birchwood Chef’s Knife.

The handle is made from high-quality Birchwood for a reason. Not only does it look very appealing with unique natural wood markings, the wood has a dense structure which makes it very hard and robust, while light enough to offer great balance. The handle is curved and perfectly balanced with the blade to improve handling and reduce stress for the user.

This shape and attention to weight is a trait that has been evolved through Miyabi’s history in crafting weaponry. They are aspects that intended to grant the user greater control and precision. As you grip the handle, the curve allows your lower fingers to more naturally grasp its form. The easier it is to hold a knife, the easier it is to maneuver it.

Japanese steel is different to much of the steel produced throughout the rest to the world. The ancient techniques embraced by Miyabi blacksmiths ensures the blade is as dense and strong as possible. This factor tends to result in a blade with superior sharpness and durability.

The teeth within the structure of the metal are more compact and the blade will stay sharper for longer. This attribute is great for cooks that plan on using the knife continuously without having to re-sharpen is frequently as they would with lesser steel.

What Other Buyers Think

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“Finally invested in a quality knife! I’m not a chef, but I love cooking and I hate the inconveniences that come with using a poor quality blade. I had been researching for many months before finally selecting this birchwood knife from Miyabi.

Now that I have it, I can tell you, it was absolutely worth the work and the price. I don’t see it as spending, more of an investment in my long-term culinary happiness. Be warned, it doesn’t come with a sheave.”

“To start off, I am mostly comparing this Miyabi knife to those I am used to, which are Henckels knives. My Miyabi Birchwood 9″ was very pretty and handled perfectly right out of the packaging. But after a few days of solid use, it becomes clear that the blade is not as durable as it first seems.

On top of this, you can’t sharpen this knife with conventional sharpening tools. You are likely to blunt it even more as the teeth as so brittle. Much to my disappointment, you have to use a whetstone for these particular knives, which I believe is more hassle than it’s worth.

Its flower decoration is beautiful but somewhat pretentious. It suits those who want a flashy knife, but not those who prefer plain elegant looks. I am the latter of the two unfortunately.”

Our Verdict

If you want a chef’s knife that just about does its job correctly and costs no more than a couple of good steaks, the Miyabi Birchwood might be a slight overkill for you. However, if you are looking to take the “next step up” in your growing passion for cooking, the Miyabi Birchwood chef’s knife is well worth considering.

When you buy a superior quality knife, you should be thinking of it as more of an investment than a pure spend. Knives like this are designed to last for years if not decades. So you should consider the long term implications of your purchase. If you want a knife that is very easy to maintain with basic sharpening tools, you won’t enjoy the “fuss” that comes from caring for a Miyabi blade. It requires a whetstone to maintain. This will be an aspect that puts off buyers looking for a knife that can be kept easily.

If however you like the idea of owning and using a knife that requires special care as well as offers a fantastically authentic aesthetic, a Miyabi Birchwood could be perfect for you. If you think this option could be the one, you can find it for sale with further information and reviews here.


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