Morakniv Craftline Q Allround Review - High Quality Yet Fair Price

Mora Craftline Q Allround Review

The Mora Craftline Q Allround is actually part of a family of knives that all share a set of specific characteristics. As the name implies, these are not traditionally used as survival or camping knives, however the popularity of Mora knives as inexpensive providers of quality has made these particular models favorites amongst bushcrafters who seek high utility for low dollars. The Craftlines were designed for tradespeople, and are used in construction and the industrial sector. With a range of different blade styles and handle designs, any professional will find something to love in this family.

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The Mora Craftline Q Allround is part of the TopQ family of professional knives. This particular model features a carbon steel blade and a plastic handle (red handle is carbon, blue handle is stainless). It comes with a plastic sheath that is very basic but still useful. However, European belts tend to be narrower than American, so the belt loop is often too narrow. This is easily overcome with heat and some stretching.

Made in Sweden, the Mora Craftline TopQ line of blades is ideal for a range of skilled trades and professions where having a reliable, sharp, easily maintained cutting tool is important.

Morakniv Craftline Q Allround Fixed Blade Review


The Craftline Q Allround features a high carbon blade – that means you benefit from excellent hardness, but can sharpen the blade very easily. It’s able to maintain a good edge as well. While this is not a stainless steel blade, it’s actually harder than stainless, which means a better edge and a longer lasting blade in demanding situations.

However, because it is not stainless, care and maintenance are required to prevent rust and corrosion.  The blade is manufactured from legendary Sandvik steel, which features ultra-fine carbides for superior forging. Because of the ultra-fine nature of the steel carbides, these blades have unsurpassed blade smoothness, which relates directly to the blade’s ability to cut well.

One benefit of the plastic handle construction and ultra-fine blade quality is the weight offered. The Mora Craftline Q Allround weighs in at only five ounces. The blade itself is just two millimeters in thickness, and is 96 millimeters long, giving you plenty of fine cutting ability. The blade features a drop point design, with a gently sloping downward curve to the tip and a straight, smooth spine back to the handle. The handle features an ergonomic grip design for comfort and usability, coupled with a pronounced finger guard to prevent slips and accidental cuts to the lead finger.

The sheath is made of black plastic and is very light weight. The knife sits securely in the sheath when not in use, and the built-in clip allows it to be worn on the belt or clipped to a pocket. Mora offers a full 1 year warranty on the Craftline Q Allround.

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What Is the Mora Craftline Q Allround Good For?

If you’re interested in world class steel for under $10, then this is you knife, but don’t expect the handle and sheath to necessarily follow.  However, at this price, it’s silly not to grab a few to throw in a glove box, bug out kit, or backpack because the utility functional utility factor is through the roof.

Although not originally intended as a survival or hunting knife, the high performance for little money has generated a very enthusiastic following among bushcrafters.  Actually, it’s ideal for a range of different applications that require excellent cutting ability and that can benefit from a long-lived, durable blade.  Traditionally, construction and industry workers use these knives for a wide range of things, as they can cut carpeting as easily as vinyl, and the precision-engineered blade offers some of the smoothest, most even cutting to be had in the market.

Of course, the Craftline Q Allround isn’t all work and no play – it can easily fillet fish or be used in kitchen preparation as well. It’s versatile, durable and well-rounded, making it one of the most adaptable blades available today.

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Mora, or MORAKNIV, is a Swedish knife maker with a reputation for manufacturing some of the most versatile, flexible, durable tools in the industry. The company makes everything from steak knives to gutting knives, utility knives, survival knives, bushcraft knives and more. Mora also features a range of steel types in their products, including stainless steel and high carbon steel.

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