Smart Tip - How To Remove Fish Odor From The Cutting Board

How To Remove Fish Odor From The Cutting Board

Getting odors out of cutting boards is not one simple task, particularly meat, mostly fish meat odor which is significantly strong and unappealing to senses and also is the most hardest to remove off the cutting board because just rinsing it with a bit of liquid soap will never be enough to nail it.

We will provide you with some techniques on how to remove it completely but first you also need to know how to avoid it in the future.


Getting odors out of cutting boards

Firstly, wood cutting boards are not meant for fish chopping and cutting as wood is enormously good at absorbing scents. This is why chefs and food experts believe in using plastic boards in fact they use different material of cutting boards for different products that they find suitable.

As many consumers do not find plastic cutting boards hygienic, many insist that they should be using wood cutting boards for every kind of meat. So in case you got your wood cutting board engulfed in fish odor, here are some quick, facile techniques to perform immediately after the usage and the hideous odor will be very much near to nothing.

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clean the cutting board with lemon

After you are done with the cutting and the chopping, clean the entire cutting board well. It would be really good and effective if you rinse the board with lukewarm water along with the application of dish washing liquid or soap. Then you must cut a lemon and squeeze it on the entire surface, rub it so it spreads equally all over the surface or you can do so with a clean piece of cloth.

The result would that the lemon scent is considerably stronger and much more staying than the fish scent and of course much better as well.



This other very efficient technique has been recommended by the deep cleansing service providers and the process is quite the same as the first. When you are done with the chopping, slicing, etc. clean the board. Rinse it with lukewarm water along with adding dish washing soap and then apply a bit of white vinegar.

Although many find the odor of vinegar equally foul as the fish odor so those people need not carry this out. They can just follow the previously mentioned technique. For those who will be willing to perform this, the white vinegar scent will be strong enough to remove fish scent permanently.



This very last technique has been also recommended by deep cleansing service providers and involves washing the board first with dish washing liquid. Then take a rope of parsley and place it over the cutting board. Press the rope of parsley so it may release its fluids over the cutting board and then rub or spread it all over the cutting board’s surface.

When you spread it in large amounts the board might become very green but need to worry about that you can remove the color after it leaves off its scent. The parsley scent will take over the fish smell very soon.

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