Review of Top 5 Old Hickory Kitchen Knives

Review of Top 5 Old Hickory Kitchen Knives

The Old Hickory knives are older than 100 years. These knives are made by Ontario Knife Company in old USA. This company was founded in 1889.This company is also known as the supplier of military products. These knives are made of carbon steel with brass riveted hardwood handles, which are fully heat treated.

These knives are has the set of 1095 tool steel blades. These knives are made up of high carbon steel which should be taken care of properly otherwise they would rust if not cleaned and oiled properly after the use.

The dishwasher is not to be used for these knives and they should be washed by hands only. In order to bring these knives in the affordable category, Ontario knife company has changed the thickness of its steel and now they can be sharpened very easily as their thickness got lesser. But these new models do not have the traditional rolled marked blades as the old Hickory products had stamps on their handles.

The manufacturing of old Hickory knives was started in 1889 and they became the world famous brand. These knives are not very sharp and if you require sharp knives you have to make them as per your requirement and convenience.

Ontario Knife 7111 Old Hickory Butcher Knife

Ontario Knife 7111 Old Hickory Butcher Knife, 10-Inch BladeOld Hickory 10 in. Butcher knife is used by professionals especially in slaughter houses and also by the chefs in restaurants.

The 10 inches blade of this knife is very sharp and can be re-sharpened very easily. The plain edge, which is made of high carbon steel is heat-treated and tempered for razor-sharp cutting experience.

The blades of these knives are extra-long which are very suitable in cutting for agricultural and industrial purposes. The handles of these knives are made up of hardwood which are flame burnt and buffed for giving them antique finish containing name of the brand and is secured with brass compression rivets. These knives comes packaged in a protective skin.

Old Hickory 76-7 in. Cleaver/Chopper

Ontario Knife Company 7060 76 Cleaver, 7This is a great product which has multiple applications in the kitchen alone. This knife is made of 1095 carbon steel which is fully heat treated and tempered to provide a razor sharp cutting edge which can be re-sharpened whenever required.

These knives are fitted with the attractive wooden handles. Every household should have at least one cleaver or chopper knife. This knife can easily chop meat and bones. Similarly, fast and smooth chopping of onions, bell peppers and potatoes can also be done through these knives.

As the blade is made up of carbon steel, the cleaver/chopper surface gets a bit dark after some time and this is very normal. We can clean it easily with water and steel wool. Hand washing is recommended for this item as it’s not dish washer safe and some oil should be applied on the wood handles to make them safe and preserved.

The edge of this knife needs to be sharpened once in a while but usually the edge remains sharp for a much longer time. The well sharpened cleaver/chopper knife can also slice the bread perfectly.

Ontario Knife Co. 5-Piece Old Hickory Knife Set 705

Ontario Knife Co. 5-Piece Old Hickory Knife Set 705The old hickory knife set 705 is made with fully heat treated and tempered 1095 carbon steel. Hardwood handles are the main attraction of these knives which are secured with brass compression rivets.

There is a special process of sharpening the edge of these knives in order to guarantee the sharpness of the edges after the assembly process is done so that these knives can meet all the needs of the consumers.

Old Hickory has stood the test of time and proven to be the best carbon steel knives set available today in the market. This set includes 3.25” paring knife, 4” paring knife, 7” butcher’s knife, 8” slicing knife and 6” boning knife which is an all in one solution which can meet all needs and requirements of the users.

To preserve these knives for longer period of time, we have to wash them immediately after their usage and slight oiling is required after washing these knives for better maintenance.

Ontario Knives Slicing Knife

Ontario Knives Slicing KnifeOntario slicing knife is one of the best knives of the Ontario collection. This knife is fully heat treated and tempered with 1095 carbon steel. It is 75-8” inches knife and fitted with a hardwood handle secured with brass compression rivets.

The knife has a brushed blade finish. Ontario Slicing Knife has a flat blade grind with a plane edge. This knife has a fixed lock, which is also an important feature of this knife. This knife is available in the size of 3.2 x 14 x 2.8 inches which is perfect in grip and comfortable in slicing the food.

This is the best cutlery of the old hickory knives due to its superior balance and the length of the blade. This blade can be re-sharpened either on the whetstone or diamond stick. It should be washed by hand and a thin coat of olive oil can be applied to maintain its sharpness for a long period of time.

Ontario slicing knives are tough, strong, they stay sharp and have an excellent value. Today every home requires this category of knives for comfortable and easy slicing and chopping of vegetables and other food stuffs.

Ontario Knives Household Boning Knife

Ontario Knives Household Boning KnifeThese household boning knives are 72-6” in size and made up of fully heat treated and tempered 1095 carbon steel. The handles of household boning knives are hardwood and secured with the brass compression rivets. These knives are having a plain edge and a fixed lock. These beautiful knives has flat blade grind. These are also available in brushed blade finish. The blades of these knives are 0.25 cm thick and 16 cm in its length. So its overall length is 27.3 cm. The origin of these boning household knives is in United States. These attractive boning knives have gone through certain tests and been proven to be the best carbon steel kitchen cutlery sold today. One very important feature of these Ontario household boning knives is that these can be easily sharpened and re-sharpened. These knives are very useful in cutting even the livestock. These classy and trendy knives which are appreciated, liked and used all over the globe.

Old hickory knives are really very economical, useful and effective tools to make your chopping, slicing and cutting more enjoyable and easier. You should definitely try these cutlery in order to make your chopping and cutting job easier using these ultra- modern cutting tool. Also, these modern knives can be easily managed and preserved by just taking little precautions.

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