Spyderco Bushcraft G-10 PlainEdge Knife Review

Spyderco Bushcraft G10 Review

The Spyderco Bushcraft G10 is a very sturdy bushcraft knife that comes from one of the best-known manufacturers in the knife business. It is made out of high quality steel and has a simple, practical design that makes it ideal for bushcraft tasks.

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Spyderco Bushcraft G-10 PlainEdge KnifeSpyderco Bushcraft G-10 PlainEdge Knife
Length, Overall8.75 inches (8 3/4")
Length, Blade4 inches
Steel TypeO1 Tool Steel
Rockwell Hardness58-59
Tang TypeFull Tang
Grind typeScandi
Blade Thickness.14 inches
Point TypeDrop Point
Blade CoatingNone
Handle MaterialG10
Handle AttachmentBrass Pin & Adhesive
Sheath MaterialBlack Leather
Country of ManufactureUSA
Other FeaturesNone

Spyderco Bushcraft G-10 PlainEdge Knife Review

The Spyderco Bushcraft G10 is a total of 8 ¾ inches long with a 4-inch blade. The blade has a total cutting area of 3.9 inches. The blade is .14 inches thick and has a very precise, drop point designed to it. There is no finger guard on this knife, with a good belly on the handle and a bit of a sweep providing protection for the hand and a very good grip.

This knife has a full tang blade design, making it ideal for very rugged applications. It comes with a Scandinavian grind, offering great precision in cutting and easy sharpening. The blade is made out of O1 steel. This is a very popular steel with knife makers and has some excellent qualities for bushcraft knives. It is easy to sharpen, it holds an edge very well and it is tough enough to hold up to rugged usage. This steel, however, does tend to rust, so you will have to make certain that you take care of it properly. This knife has a hardness of 58 or higher on the Rockwell scale.

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The G-10 handle on the Spyderco Bushcraft G10 gives secure grip and is certainly built to last. The knife was designed by Chris Claycombe, a bushcraft enthusiast in conjunction with a popular bushcraft website and the people at Spyderco. The result is a knife that handles very well, is very sturdy and is manufactured to the highest standards.

The Spyderco Bushcraft G10 comes with a leather sheath that will keep the knife sharp and safe. In every regard, this is a well-made knife. Spyderco backs up everything it makes with a guarantee against defects in workmanship and in materials.

The knife has the classic spider hole design, with the hole being located in the traditional position, just forward of where you would rest your thumb on the blade when using it. The drop point is very sharp, offering a great deal of precision. Overall, this knife is exactly what one would expect from Spyderco. It is a very high-quality knife that represents a collaboration between several skilled designers and the use of very suitable materials in manufacturing the end result.

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What Is the Spyderco Bushcraft G10 Good For?

This is an all-purpose outdoor knife. It is not an inexpensive knife, with the price point being around what one would expect to pay for a Benchmade or another high-end knife. That being said, Spyderco has an excellent reputation among knife enthusiasts and this knife is high quality in every regard.

The Spyderco Bushcraft G10 does have a slightly shorter blade than usual for a bushcraft knife, which may make it perfect for people with smaller hands or who plan on using the knife for working with more detailed projects. It is certainly small enough to make it suitable for cleaning small game, but this knife is really all about bushcraft, from the absence of the guard on the handle to the very simple and practical design. It does have a lanyard hole, so people who prefer to attach a lanyard to their knife will find a spot for it here.

The price point on this knife means that it is not designed for beginners, but rather for more experienced bushcraft enthusiasts. This is among the types of knives that are designed to last a lifetime and, because it does come at a higher price, it’s definitely one that’s best tried out before it’s purchased.

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Spyderco is an American knife manufacturer with a reputation for pushing the boundaries. They are best known for their innovative folding designs, unusual blade shapes and creativity in finding new ways to make edged tools more effective. All of their items are tested for quality and performance. Spyderco is one of the best knife companies out there if you’re looking for something that is a little different than what most companies offer but that is also manufactured to very exacting standards.

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