5 Best 10000 Watt Generators Reviews And Buying Guide 2022

best 10000 watt generatorMost of the 10000 watts generator brands in the market state that they can ensure higher wattage. But practically, not all can do so. You understand the fact that when you go to connect all the appliances and devices in your home and end up with power shortage. This is probably one of your crucial tension points before choosing a 10000 watts generator.

Considering the fact, we have come up with a list of the best 10000 watt generator that state you beforehand about what things you can power with the unit. All the models in our list will let you connect almost everything in your home so that you can satisfy each of your needs. Moreover, there is no question about the durability, performance, and design of the generators in the list. If you wish to know which one you should try and what you can power with it, we recommend that you read the next part.

What Will A 10,000 Watt Generator Run?

We guess that before purchasing a 10000 watts generator, you all are willing to know what things you can run with it. A 10000 watts generator can give you continuous power supply to power your air conditioning unit, furnace, clothes washers, refrigerator, and other home and kitchen appliances, electric appliances, devices, power tools, etc.

You can power most of the stated things at the same time with a 10000 watts generator. But after powering a large window air conditioning unit, you cannot power all other things at the same time. However, you actually don’t need to power everything simultaneously. So with a 10000 watts generator, you have the peace of powering almost everything in your home.

Note: In the above part, we have highlighted in brief what you can connect with a 10000 watts generator. But if you want to know which one you should prefer between an inverter and generator, you can read the article here- inverter or generator which is best for home use.

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The 5 Best 10000 Watt Generator Reviews 2020

We understand you have different needs and preferences, though the common fact is you all need a 10000 watts generator. That’s why we have made a list of various generator brands with equal to or more than 100000 watts capacity. The good thing is that all the models will allow you to have your required power for your home or outdoor or any emergency use. So let’s get started to know about all the models and choose the best one for you.

1. Green-Power America GPG10000EW 10000W Pro Series Recoil Electric Start Generator

Green-Power America GPG10000EW 10000W Pro SeriesGreen-Power America Electric Start Generator is a full-service generator for your home, emergency, outdoors, and recreational use. You will get the assurance of a continuous power supply anywhere as the generator delivers 10,000 watts starting power and 7,500 watts running power.

The fuel tank of the generator holds 6.6 gallons of fuel so that it can give you power backup for up to 9 hours continuously on half the load. Once filling the tank with fuel, you don’t have the tension regarding how much effort you need to start it. You can do it with an electric start or using manual recoil easily.

After starting the generator, you don’t have any tension about the safety of your appliances or your generator unit. Becasue the generator is equipped with all the safety protectors. All the power outlets of this unit have overload protector and are protected by a long-lasting and useful rubber cover.

GPG10000EW 10000W Features:

  • The body of the generator is constructed with a heavy-duty steel frame for added durability.
  • The unit has a perfect vibration isolation effect that reduces the jerking of other components with it.
  • It comes with a low fuel shut off switch so that it can stop functioning in the event of the low fuel level.
  • It includes an internal fuel filter and a separate ground connector.
  • It is wonderfully portable with the drop-down handles and mobility kits.

2. Pulsar Non-CARB 10,000W Dual Fuel Switch & Go Technology & Electric Start portable generator, Black

Pulsar Non-CARB 10,000W Dual Fuel Electric Start portable generatorPulsar Non-CARB Electric Start portable generator is for those who look for the dual fuel feature in a higher watts generator. The generator will let you use either gasoline or propane to your unit so that you will get cost reduction benefits. Depending on the price of gasoline and propane, you can use any that is available at a lower price.

The good thing about this generator is that it comes with the latest switch and go technology. As a result, you can switch to any of the fuels between gasoline and propane anytime. You can do it even during the generator is running. With 6.6 gallons of the fuel tank capacity, you will get up to 12 hours of continuous power supply.

The generator has 10000 watts peak power and 8000 watts rated power on gasoline, and 9000 watts peak power and 7000 watts rated power on LPG. Moreover, the power supply by this generator is entirely safe and stable. So you can have peace of mind each time as you are using one of the best portable propane generators.

Pulsar Non-CARB 10,000W Features:

  • The air-cooled engine is very powerful, with 420 cc capacity that will let you run almost everything.
  • The electric push start with recoil backup allows you to start up the generator quickly.
  • The engine is protected by a long-lasting powder-coated steel frame.
  • It is highly portable with the never-flat wheels and convenient handles.
  • It allows you to power multiple appliances, devices, and tools at the same time.

3. A-iPower SUA12000E 12,000-Watt Gasoline Powered Generator with Electric Start, Red/Black

A-iPower SUA12000E 12,000-Watt Gasoline Powered GeneratorDo you need more power wattage to give power back up to more of your home and electronic appliances, devices, and power tools? Then you can try A-iPower 12,000-Watt Gasoline Powered Generator to put yourself in a tension-free situation. You can use this unit both in indoors and outdoors purposes.

The stated power of the generator is 12,000 watts, and the running power of this unit is 9,000 watts. With the help of the keyless one-touch push button and electric start, you can effortlessly start the unit quickly. After starting the generator, you can have a continuous power backup for a longer time.

The fuel tank of the generator can hold 7 gallons of fuel. So you get a constant power supply as more as 9 hours at 50% load. Moreover, the fuel tank is made of a large heavy-duty steel frame, so you get the assurance of higher durability for the fuel tank as well.

SUA12000E 12,000-Watt Features:

  • The outlets of the generator are GFCI protected, so you get added safety and protection.
  • The cord protective cover will keep all the wires safe and clean.
  • 5 inches of never-flat wheels and easy-to-use handle offer excellent mobility or portability.
  • The built-in DC adapter plug lets you charge your battery or cellphone easily.
  • The generator comes with an ergonomically angled control panel so you can control everything effortlessly.

4. Durostar DS10000E Gas Powered Portable Generator

Durostar DS10000E Gas Powered Portable GeneratorDurostar DS10000E Portable Generator is for those who like power with more features. This powerful gas-powered generator can provide a safe, stable, and continuous power backup for anything in your home from the air compressor to the air conditioner, refrigerator to the freezer, microwave ovens to any other appliances.

The engine power of the generator is 457 cc, so it is capable of powering anything in your home without any problem. The fuel tank of the unit is comparatively larger, with 8.3 gallons of fuel capacity. Having the full refill of fuel, this generator can give you a continuous power backup for up to 10 hours at 50% load.

The generator comes with a lot of useful features that make your use convenient and experience better. It contains full power panel, oil warning light, volt-meter, power outlets, circuit breakers, auto shut off switch, built-in spark arrestor, quiet exhaust, and a lot more.

Durostar DS10000E Features:

  • The generator is developed with the surge arrest technology.
  • The body of the generator is built with a heavy-duty steel frame that ensures higher durability.
  • The durable wheel and easy-to-use handle allow you to move the unit here and there conveniently.
  • It includes an additional toolset, oil funnel, spark plug wrench, wheel kit, DC cables, etc.
  • All the winding of the generator is made of copper.

5. All Power America APGG10000GL 10000 Watt Dual Fuel Portable Generator

All Power America APGG10000GL 10000 Watt Dual Fuel Portable GeneratorAll Power America APGG10000GL Dual Fuel Portable Generator provides 10000 watts peak power and 8000 watts rated power on gasoline. On LPG fuel, it provides 8500 watts peak power and 7000 watts rated power. So with this power capacity, you can power almost everything in your home.

The fuel tank of the generator has more fuel holding capacity of up to 8 gallons, so you get a longer power supply for an extended time. Moreover, you can use either gasoline or propane in the fuel tank according to your convenience and cost-efficiency. Altering the fuels of the unit, you actually have a better power supply with less fuel cost.

Moreover, the durability of the engine and fuel tank is longer. So the lifespan of the generator increases as well. Apart from that, the generator produces only 76 dB of noise. So you can use this unit without any disturbance of loud sound. Considering everything, everyone terms the unit as one of the best dual fuel portable generators.

APGG10000GL 10000 Watt Features:

  • The air-cooled engine comes with 15 HP 420 cc capacity that ensures the high power of the generator.
  • The electric start button and recoil start allow you to start the unit quickly and easily.
  • Once you power everything with this generator, you don’t have any tension for up to 11 hours.
  • It comes with an hour meter, useful wheel kit, and maintenance-free battery.
  • Using the handle and wheels, you can move it easily anywhere you want.

How To Choose The Heavy Watt Generator Like 10000 Watt?

We have selected the best 10000 watts generator based on some important considerations such as stated and running power, quality, durability, performance, portability, features, etc. We wanted to make sure the best picks on the list so you can satisfy all your needs. However, if you’re willing to know about some other factors to choose the right generator, you can also consider the below factors:best 10000 watt generator

Matching your power requirement with the stated and running power:

The stated and running power of a generator varies depending on the brands and fuel type. So you should calculate first how much watts you need to cover your appliances. Then you have to match it with the stated and running power of a specific model. If the model is capable of covering your required power, then you can choose it.


If you want to use a generator regularly with high power, then you can choose a larger size generator. But if you need to use it occasionally, then you can choose a smaller size generator. You also need to consider the area of your space to come up with the right sizing of the generator.

Wheels and handles of the generator:

All types of generators come with wheels and handle to offer you better portability. But you have to make sure your preferred model has high-quality never-flat wheels and convenient handles.

Price Range:

The price of the generator differs based on the model and quality. Most of the quality generators with 10000 watts power come with the price range of $750 to $900. So you need to match your budget with your preferred generator.

Noise Level:

The high power generators usually produce comparatively a higher noise though it’s in the tolerable range. You should choose the generator that doesn’t produce more than 80 dB noise. So you can use it peacefully.

Duration of Power Supply:

If you need power backup for a longer time, you should choose the one that gives you more power backup. Otherwise, you can select the one with a lower backup. Depending on the brands, all the generators in our list can provide you power supply from 9 hours to 12 hours.

Generator Maintaining And Safety Tips

To own a high-quality generator, you need to invest a considerable amount of money. So we think you would be interested to know how you can increase the lifespan of your generator and get the best performance all the time. The secret lies in the maintenance of your generator regularly. Considering the face, we would like to give you some practical guidelines on how to maintain your generator. So let’s have a look at the below instructions:best 10000 watt generator review guide

  • It’s always important to follow the maintenance instructions properly that you get from the manufacturer.
  • Checking the overall condition of your generator quarterly or semiannually or annually is another crucial aspect of maintenance.
  • Check and fix all the loose bolts, parts, wiring, and connections regularly.
  • Check the lubricant oil, air filter, gas filter regularly, and change if needed.
  • Keep the wires, spark plugs, tanks, connection points, body, etc. clean always.
  • Fix it if there is any leakage on the tank or any other parts.
  • Inspect the inner parts of the generator frequently.
  • Sometimes, check the battery and distilled water of the generator.
  • Check the coolant, battery charger, induction pipe, etc. often.

Note: In the above section, we have briefly explained how you can maintain your generator. But if you want to know more about how do you maintain a generator properly and effectively, we recommend that you read the article here.

Safety Tips For A Generator

Along with all the explanations and instructions of the generators, we have a bonus for you. That is the safety tips for a generator. We have included this part becasue we thought that it would be very much helpful for you. So let’s know all the safety tips for your generator:

  • Put your generator in such a place where the ventilation system is sufficient.
  • Take assistance from a professional in the event of anything necessary for your generator.
  • Keep your generator far from heat or flames all the time.
  • Cover your generator always so that it cannot get a direct connection with the sun and rain.
  • Never try to run your generator when it is overloaded.
  • Make it impossible to reach for your children or pets.

Frequently Asked Questions

How many amps is a 10000 watt generator?

The formula is Amps = Watts / Volts. So a 10000 watts generator with 120V has amps of 83.33 and a generator with 240V has 41.67amps.

Will a 10000 watt generator run a heat pump?

No, a 10000 watts generator cannot run a heat pump.

How long will a 10000 watt generator run?

A 10000 watts generator can run for up to 12 hours.

Can you plug a refrigerator into a generator?

Yes, you can plug a refrigerator into your generator.

What size generator will run a house?

You can run most of the appliances in your home with a generator having 5000 watts to 10000 watts power. But if you have more things in your home, you can opt for a 10000 watts generator.

Final Remarks

As the price of all the generators is comparatively higher, you have to be wise to spend your money. We feel the responsibility to help you choose the right products. So we provide you the proper instructions and information. In our consideration, any of the models in the list of the best 10000 watt generator is worth buying. You just need to match your needs and preferences with a specific model.

However, we would like to recommend Pulsar Non-CARB Dual Fuel Switch & Go Technology portable generator because of some added benefits. The unique switch and go technology will give you the freedom to change the fuel even during the running state of the generator. Because of the fuel-efficient feature, you can run the unit for up to 12 hours with a single refill fuel tank. Moreover, you can conveniently and automatically start the generator by an electric push start option.

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